Friday, 10 August 2012

Jere Longman (PS) hates Lolo Jones.

The stunner Jones, who could indeed make others envious just like PS Jere Longman

Here we another one of those articles explaining patiently why left wing cretins should really be associated more with pond scum than being regarded as rational, thinking human beings. The PS (pond scum), are convinced that endless bitching about anything they do not agree with will eventually secure them the opportunity to make the senile and ludicrous changes they demand. Remember also ofcourse that the plethora of delusional LW/PS are still of the opinion that they can change the automatic function firmly ensconced in the DNA. Such is their arrogance and brazen stupidity. They just still don't get it.

Over the past fifty years they have tried every which way to turn both males and females into versions of each other, they prefer the adrogenous look. One where there is no identifiable difference between the sexes, good luck with that as it demands that every single female has surgey at birth or plastic surgery to ensure such duplication. I don't think that the girls will be too happy at having their boobs removed, just becuase the lunatic left are being perpetually offended. That offence mechanism has obviously no limitations either.

Mr. Longman has gone long on trying to turn Lolo Jones into a man.  I’m not his psychiatrist, but to me, that sounds like it merits a few sessions.
Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

This PS Jere Longman would be one of those drones and here, he is clearly demonstrated as such.

Undressing Jere Longman -- the NYTimes writer who hates pretty athletes

Two days before her Olympic race, Jere Longman, a New York Times sportswriter, wrote a column that criticized Lolo Jones, a beautiful, female hurdler who also happens to have overcome spinal surgery and hamstring injuries to remain among the top runners in the world. Jones placed fourth in the 100-meter hurdles on Tuesday.
Longman eviscerated Jones for posing for a naked photograph (in which her private parts are not visible) and in a sexy bathing suit on the cover of Outdoor magazine, claiming she was out for notoriety at any cost, even if it meant playing “vixen” or “virgin.”  Jones is a Christian and a virgin, by the way.
Longman’s column, however, may say more about him—and those hostile to all trappings of true gender identity—than about Jones.  His call to shroud feminine athletes and deny the fact that some do, indeed, achieve fame based on their looks, not purely their athletic prowess, is a distant cousin of those movements in the world that seem to fear the sexual power of women and cover them head-to-foot, as well as those cultural movements that assert there ought to be no difference between men and women.
Mr. Longman objecting to a beautiful athlete posing in sensual photographs, while remaining silent about female boxers who look androgenous, beating up one another in a boxing ring, until they fall down, is worth noting.  

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