Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Amnesty International is RACIST.

Bess Price, finally standing up to the PC Amnesty Int. crowd and giving them their walking orders.

The major issue regarding the Aboriginal people in Australia is that way too many "White", self claimed Aboriginals are telling the indigenous people how they should go about living their lives and what they have to do. These do-gooders do more harm than good as usual. The arrogance of Amnesty International sending "white" people to assess the Aboriginal condition is not only an insult but demonstrates their sheer mendacity at assuming they know better than the Aboriginal people themselves on what the problems and issues are.

It is a typical example of the "Nanny" state that these left wing drongos like to promote and demand. We know the problem better then you because we studied it in a biased, discriminatory and racist university for years. The gaul is way too big to comprehend. The arrogance though is there for all to see as the Aboriginals get nowhere, despite Billions of dollars allocated every year. The entire effort is an utter and complete joke. Aboriginal people can take care of themselves and decide what is best for their own people but they are not allowed to function normally as the PC crowd refuse to admit and confess that they have failed miserably, regardless of the false claims they make.
“Your organisation treated me and my people with contempt and you still do. Your organisation is undemocratic and racist.
Straight from Bess' own mouth, she is an aboriginal and she would know exactly what the circumstances are that lead Amnesty to appoint a "WHITE" tasmanian and a WHITE Victorian female to judge and question the problems facing the Aboriginals in the Northern Territory. As I stated earlier, the arrogance is just too incredible to comprehend.

The New Racism is killing the future of Aboriginal children:

A MISTAKEN belief that reading programs for indigenous children need to be culturally appropriate has hampered improvement in their literacy skills, education experts said yesterday in response to a report by the NSW Auditor-General showing no significant progress during the past 10 years.
Reading researcher and literacy reformer Kevin Wheldall and indigenous educator Chris Sarra cited a perceived need for culturally appropriate programs and a failure to examine the effectiveness of teaching strategies as reasons for the lack of progress in improving literacy among Aboriginal children. Professor Wheldall ...  said the idea that Aboriginal children learned differently was pervasive through the education community, but he thought it was “quite racist”. “All the reviews of the research conclude there’s no evidence for different learning styles, we all tend to learn pretty much the same way,” Professor Wheldall said.
It is astonishing - tragic - that Wheldall’s comment should come as news. 
Bess Price is also fed up:
WARLPIRI woman Bess Price has accused Amnesty International of being an undemocratic and racist organisation, while attacking its indigenous rights campaigner Rodney Dillon as a “white blackfella” and a “physically white English-speaking Tasmanian”.
Ms Price’s angry attack came after Amnesty activists wrote to Northern Territory election candidates, including Ms Price, seeking their views on Aboriginal homelands, but it has been brewing since Amnesty condemned the NT intervention in June…
Ms Price, a Country Liberal Party candidate at the August 25 election and an outspoken supporter of the intervention, claimed Amnesty had done nothing but treat her and her people with contempt while turning “a deaf ear” to the most desperate and marginalised.
The attack comes after her appearance on the SBS Insight program on Tuesday, where she told Aboriginal lawyer and academic Mark McMillan, “you totally look like a whitefella to me”.
Mr McMillan was one of nine pale-skinned Aborigines who successfully took racial discrimination action against News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt in the Federal Court last year…
In her August 7 email, Ms Price slammed Amnesty for sending Mr Dillon and a Yorta Yorta woman from the Victoria-NSW border area, Monica Morgan, to the NT to assess the intervention, at a time when Ms Price chaired the NT’s Indigenous Affairs Advisory Council. “Your organisation sent a white blackfella from Tasmania, a wealthy man, and a woman from Victoria claiming to be indigenous who never met me or tried to talk to my people and you believed what they told you,” she said.
“Your organisation treated me and my people with contempt and you still do. Your organisation is undemocratic and racist.
“Would you send an Italian-American of mixed heritage to Russia to consult with them meaningfully because he is of European descent and therefore will understand the Russians? Why do you think a physically white, English-speaking Tasmanian would better understand my own people than I do?"…

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