Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bess Price: You Look like a White Fella to Me.

Bess Price, saying it the way it is.

One has got to like Bess for a number of reasons, primarily because she calls it the way it is. The biggest mistake the oppressives (Socialist Labour Government) did was introduce the 64th Aboriginal Blood law. That means that if you have ANY blood going back eight generations (I assume that's about the calculation), then you can climb aboard the almost unlimited gravy train that inject billions every year into the Aboriginal population without any positive affect at all.

Meanwhile, white people, especially the left leaning types have no problems stirring up class hatred or racism, just to advantage themselves. The gravy is there for anyone who makes the claim. Bess states what Andrew Bolt was dragged into court for saying. These are not "real" aboriginals, they are fascimiles, pretenders, who lay claim to be a member of the Aboriginal people for their own benefit and for no other reason.
Look at the imitation Indian that Warren claimed to being just to get high roaded into a job at Harvard when her qualifications were questionable and previously criticised for an inferior book that she produced. This is the same ploy. They receive special preferential treatment from all government departments, so anyone can make the claim without even having to justify it. These racists, these "white Fellas" as Bess calls them, have a lot to answer for as their actions only causes more harm and hate from both sides of the fence. The entire process is an absolute disgrace and needs to be fixed and not by whites but by the Aboriginal people themselves. They should just get lost or better still, bud out and go walkabout.

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