Thursday, 9 August 2012

The $41,000 Enhanced Female. Endless Battle...

Robyn Smith from London had work on both her face and body
Robyn Smith from London had work on both her face and body
One must wonder why the level of vanity reigns so supreme in the opposite sex.

Instead of accepting themselves the way they are or growing up gracefully, they choose instead to fight against the inevitable, which will show itself only a few years down the road.

ROBYN: £41,000

Robyn Smith, 54, a beauty and sports therapist from London, is single and lives with her daughter Frances, 17. Since 1999, she has had £41,000-worth of surgery on her face, neck and breasts by Dr Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Harley Street. She says:
Over the past 13 years, I’ve had lasers, a chin augmentation, fat injections to my face, a neck lift and breast implants.
It sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t all in one go — whenever there’s something I’m unhappy with, I change it.
I see it as a good investment and I don’t spend much on anything else. I’m a simple jeans and T-shirt sort of woman and I spend more on my daughter than myself.
It was an unexpected allergic reaction to a sample of self-tanning face cream in 1999 that started my relationship with surgery. My face swelled to twice its normal size, and my eyes were almost swollen shut.
When it finally subsided, the skin around my eyes had been stretched so much it was left loose and wrinkled.
I’d aged 10 years in a few days. I’d always looked after my face, using Clarins skincare and eating organic food, so I was distraught.
Desperate to get my face back, I discovered Dr Alexandrides and agreed to try a CO2 laser treatment which cost around £4,000. I paid by credit card, a loan from my then-partner and used some savings.
The laser was used all over my face to remove the top layers of skin. The after-care was gruesome. Every four hours for a week, I had to wipe peroxide over my raw face to stop it scabbing. My face sizzled. But the results were unbelievable. The skin around my eyes was much tighter, plus my fine lines and visible pores were gone. It gave me such a boost, it was definitely worth the money.
It was another five years until I went back, allowing me the chance to save up again. I had a chin implant to improve my profile, and fat injections to plump up my gaunt face. Two years on, I went back for a neck lift and breast implants to take me to a 34D, and I regularly have Botox to reduce frown lines.
I can earn up to £37,000-a-year, depending on how business is — I’m a self-employed therapist — but my daughter has never had to do without because of my surgery.
I’m content with how I look now, but I wouldn’t rule out more treatments in the future. I’m single, so hopefully down the line there may be a chance for love. And I don’t want to look too old if it does come along.

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