Thursday, 16 August 2012

Paul Krugman, Another New York Time pretend Journalist.

Kruger, another overinflated left wing NYT pretender.

If anyone were to ask any left wing loony what one plus one would equal, they would have to have a committee meeting to decide how they would go about lying to giving five for an answer. So dishonest are those individuals that every thing that comes out of their mouths would first have to be admitted to a bullshit detector. Speaking of lunatics, have a look at those rampant clowns declaring that we are all going to fry for Christmas and they are not referring to the turkey.

Paul Krugman is another member of the left wing/socialist/communist scribblers at the New York(Pravda) Times Central Committee. Another scribbler who is of the opinion that his version of the truth would not be checked or even commented on. They honestly believe that the plebes and minions are way too stupid to discover anything that obvious. This comes about becuase Kruger thinks the sun dawns when he arises and the Earth rotates around this miserble lying excuse of a human being. One wonders if they do attend a special course in "How to Lie and pretend you're always correct". They all seem to be of that same arrogant ilk.

The Internet has done wonders exposing these trash inducing journalists and exposing them for what they are all about.

Professor Bjorn Lomborg fact checks warming alarmist Paul Krugman:
Consider Paul Krugman, writing breathlessly in The New York Times about the “rising incidence of extreme events” and how ”large-scale damage from climate change is happening now”.

He claims that global warming caused the current drought in the US midwest and that supposedly record-high corn prices could cause a global food crisis.

But the UN climate panel’s latest assessment tells us precisely the opposite: for “North America, there is medium confidence that there has been an overall slight tendency toward less dryness (wetting trend with more soil moisture and runoff)”.

Moreover, there is no way Krugman could have identified this drought as being caused by global warming without a time machine: climate models estimate that such detection will be possible by 2048, at the earliest.

And, fortunately, this year’s drought appears unlikely to cause a food crisis. According to The Economist, “price increases in corn and soybeans are not thought likely to trigger a food crisis, as they did in 2007-08, as global rice and wheat supplies remain plentiful”.

Moreover, Krugman overlooks inflation: prices have increased sixfold since 1969 so, while corn futures did set a record of about $US8 ($7.60) a bushel last month, the inflation-adjusted price of corn was higher throughout most of the 1970s, reaching a whopping $US16 in 1974.

Finally, Krugman conveniently forgets that concerns about global warming are the main reason that corn prices have skyrocketed since 2005. Nowadays 40 per cent of corn grown in the US is used to produce ethanol, which does absolutely nothing for the climate but certainly distorts the price of corn at the expense of many of the world’s poorest people.
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It takes meteorologist Professor Roger Pielke Jr a single graph to demonstrate Krugman is a Nobel idiot.
But Melbourne’s Greens swallow Krugman’s rubbish gladly

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