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WUWT: Has Been Dr.Mann-Handled.

One of the most viewed AGW sceptic sites on the web is ofcourse WUWT (Watts up with that), which has a view rate of about 100 million hits per year.
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Those hits on this one single site would outstrip every AGW hysterics site by about a thousand to one and it's growing daily.
Enter Dr Mann (the hockey shtick exaggerator), one ignorant and delusional academic who is apparently a bit dim about the hit rate of this site and makes some delusional remarks, just as a child would...

It is the usual case that whenever one is confronted about their lies and exaggerations, Mann also resorts to childish retorts and ridiculous starwman arguments. A practice that only those with no other arguments can come up with. Pathetic response for a supposed academic.

Roger Sowell questioned this self elevated, mighty in his own mind, academic about his delusional hockey stick study. Leaving the sad impression, as other studies have demonstrated it, to being a complete and total farce. It just does not stand up to scrutiny or questions either..
Roger Sowell says:
Dr. Mann enjoyed worldwide fame prominence when his Hockey Stick graph was given such a prominent place in the IPCC report.
As everyone now knows, thanks to Steve McIntire, the peer-review on the hockey stick paper failed to uncover the fatal flaws.
The Little Ice Age did exist. So did the Medieval Warm Period even though the hockey stick graph essentially eliminated both.
Mann’s debunked work no longer has a prominent place, and that most likely rankles.
It is quite interesting that Mann chose to evade the actual question and instead discussed the unintentional switch of the name Briffa for Bradley.
A gentleman would have gently corrected that minor error then answered the question.
But, as I stated during the TV interview with David Nazar at PBS KOCE, it may be that Mann has been advised by his attorneys not to speak about such things until the litigation is resolved.
The entire article gets better as it goes along. Check that out for yourself.

Ever more evidence about Michael Mann and his conniving and scheming as shown in the Climategate email release..

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lord Leach, Nature, WUWT and Skeptical Science (SS)

Climate Fraud is the total and complete scam that has so far cost taxpayers BILLIONS for no benefit.

There are a few things that appear to be changing in regards to the AGW hysterical rantings. When one has a look at the calibre of people involved in exposing this fraud has definitely expanded as we see here -

Lord Leach of Fairford weighs in on Nature’s ‘denier’ gaffe

I’ve still not received any reply from Nature Climate Change editor Rory Howlett to my query about why he allowed the term “deniers” in scientific literature (Bain et al), and neither has Bishop Hill to my knowledge. Lord Leach however, has weighed in, and has sent me his letter for publication here with permission. – Anthony
It appears that the compulsive liars in the AGW fraud are reaching desperation level as they are now and have been in the past, naming or calling anyone who fails to follow their lockstep a "denier", akin to being a "Holocaust" denier. Even though there is ofcourse now comparison to that claim, they use it as a put down to discourage any competing or challenges to their completely incorrect model based assumptions. The weather bureau has problems predicting tomorrow's weather let alone next week or next year or next century that those claiments swear black and blue is 100% true, as far as they concerned, with no margin of error.

They are of the opinion that everyone else besides themselves are uter and complete morons and only they have the insight to predict the future weather just like a sooth sayer or magic glass ball viewers claim they do. It has been demonstrated that the temperature gauges have been placed in the wrong place (in front air con duct and on top of tarmac, at airports) as WUWT site owner has already demonstrated via a peer reviewed study. That result has already darkened their claim dramatically plus they have also been shown to include questionable assumptive information in their models as well. One AGW study used one single tree ring study when 1400 were available because it fitted their deceitful and dishonest claims.
Dear Dr Howlett,
The use of the term “denier” does your journal a disservice, both for its vagueness and for its insulting overtone.  
What does a “denier” deny? Certainly not Climate Change: nor global warming since records began in the late 19th century: nor the likelihood of human influence on temperatures. What, then?
A “denier” denies certainty on a complex and still young scientific subject. A “denier” questions assumptions about the near irrelevance of solar, oceanic and other non-anthropogenic influences on temperature. A “denier” prefers evidence to model projections. A “denier” tests alarming predictions against actual observations. In short, a “denier” exhibits the symptoms of a genuine seeker after scientific truth.
I wish the same could be said of “consensus” writers – or that they showed the same restraint and courtesy towards different opinions shown by sceptics such as Watts Up With That
Yours sincerely
Rodney Leach
Lord Leach of Fairford
There are also deceitful sites like Skeptical Science (SS) which is run by a CAGW fanatical and compulsive liar, who makes endless claims regarding that fraud, only to be constatntly demonstrated for the compulsive sharlatan they are like. Paid stoolies,payed to spread the lies, as every one of those frauds are. There is no evidence that everyone will BBQ in their beds over nigh or the next week or the next century, as it has been all made up using false and questionable information and even if it does warm a degree or two, the world would benefit from it. But the fraud continues.

The Global Warming Scam.
Global Warming Commentary.

31,487 American scientists have signed this petition.

Global Warming is a farce

31,487 American scientists have signed this petition,
including 9,029 with PhDs 



Fairfax: Global Warming and other Phage Issues.

Fairfax brilliant run and as you can see, an absolute failure for the investures.

Now let me make sure that I have this right -
Neil Mitchell: The circulation of your papers has dropped dramatically. How much does the content of your papers have to do with that drop?

Greg Hywood, Fairfax CEO: Absolutely nothing!
As you can see Hywood is the CEO of Fairfax, he is the number one at the top of the food chain at the left wing epicentre. Now one must wonder a few things about the competence of this leader. Denying that the content of a newspaper has nothing to do with the turnover or it's sales, must be the most ridiculous I have ever heard. Where does this clown come from.

The entire company is heading down the gurgler and yet they refuse to accept the fact that their product stinks to high heaven and no one wants to buy the crap they print. Yet, they deny that there is any issue or problem at all. Denying that the content of a newspaper has no effect on the sales is like a comedian saying that the reason he does not get any work is that it has nothing to do with his jokes not being funny. What a complete cop out and what a mindset. They would rather kill the business than adjust their content which is ofcourse nothing more than leftist/socialist/marxist indoctrination. Total and complete rubbish that is not only offensive but also downright rude and repulsive, yet they persist and claim they are a model for honesty, journalistic integrity.

This is the same company who offered as a promotion at the end of the year, a free trip for their advertisers that consisted of a tour to North Korea for two weeks. Not strange in itself but before that it was Cuba, and China, too bad the Berlin wall was no longer there otherwise East Berlin would have been on the itinerary as well.

Now the majority of thinking human beings have already worked out that Global Warming Hoax is just that, an obvious hoax instigated by a few fanatical scientists for their own selfish reasons. But Fairfax even denies that their is any problem whatsoever with their version of the AGW scheme. They still support it and promote it, yes they do. Those cretins are still pushing the AGW bandwagon when every one else has already jumped off.
As tectonic plates shift beneath the Australian media landscape, The Age has appointed an editor-in chief with a reputation forged, literally, on shifting ground.
Fairfax Media management today announced Andrew ...
 It turns out that this Andrew is straight out of central casting for a paper that’s the global warming Bible of the Left:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hypocrisy: The International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)..

Massive hypocrites and left wing lunatics who desire complete control over every environment.

As mass hypocrisy increases in the leftist agenda, they do at the same time promote to others or the rest that everyone else should be less wasteful and preserve the environment by reducing their intake and purchasing of goods.

Now have a look at what those same hypocrites do when they get together and party it up..

Never before has such hypocrisy been demonstrated..

 The International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)  is calling for economic "contraction" in America and the rest of the developed world. Their "World Congress" conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, however, is a lavish affair replete with rich food, champagne and opulence. The blatant hypocrisy is stunning.

RIO+20, The enabler Branson and Working on a Tan.

Tax em all, Branson does not give a damn..

One would have thought that anyone who owns an aircraft business that spews billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, would have an issue supporting the Global Warming Myth. Apparently that sits rather well with Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin. How does that work ? I wonder how many coal miners do the same thing, not too many I presume. But the Virgin owner either has absolutely no morals or is a complete hypocrite. One or the other, probably both.
Rucker seized the opportunity to confront the globe-trotting, fossil-fuel-burning Branson about his unlikely position on global warming.
“Sir, do you support the European carbon tax on your own planes going from the United States to Europe?” Rucker asked. Clearly surprised, Branson responded that he would prefer that it be an “international tax, rather than just one area of the world.”
Such an idea is not unheard of. In fact, one of the items on the negotiating table here at Rio+20 is a tax — ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 percent — on international financial transactions, which would generate billions of dollars per year, and would be sent directly to the United Nations. It is unusual for the head of multinational corporations to support such radical policies.
It never ceases to amaze me how the filthy rich have no problem what so ever at screwing the general public with more taxes. That is apparently not their problem as their accountants have to deal with that minor issue as far as they are concerned. They have more important things to do like buying another Pacific Island to wallow on and brag about. Their blatant selfishly reaches new levels of high but never is there any consideration for the plight of those who are not as well off.
Rucker then asked whether it would be wise for Branson to tax his clients, considering that “support for global-warming science is eroding worldwide.” Over one thousand climate scientists dispute the hypothesis that global warming is man-made, Rucker noted, and over 31,000 natural scientists have signed a statement saying there is no convincing evidence that humans are causing catastrophic global warming.
Nonetheless, Branson refused to concede the point, insisted that “even if we are mistaken about that [global warming], I think it is good — we’re running out of oil, so we need to move into clean fuels as soon as possible.”
He’s equally wrong about the world running out of oil. However, Rucker will have to take that up with him next time they cross paths, as Branson was quickly ushered away by his entourage.
More on that hypocrite Branson here..

When Will Jones et al, Tell the Truth on Global Warming?

Waaaah, Waaaaah, We are ALL going to FRY, Whaaaaa!!!! Give me a break children..

Why is Phil Jones exaggerating or hiding facts about the data used to generate items like the "hockey stick" or the "Hide the Decline" statement. Why is he hiding the data to one lot of scientists and freely supplying them to others. Why are we getting all those excuses and blatant un-truths, if Jones has nothing to hide ?

It has always been the case that the main instigators of the CAGW hysteria should supply their data in order for it to be checked and verified. That is and should be standard scientific proceedure. Their is nothing odious or hidious about a request for data in order to test someone's theory unless one has something to hide ofcourse. Jones appears to be that someone as Patrick J Micheals explains..
So the weather data that go into the historical climate records that are required to verify models of global warming aren’t the original records at all. Jones and Wigley, however, weren’t specific about what was done to which station in order to produce their record, which, according to the IPCC, showed a warming of 0.6° +/– 0.2°C in the 20th century.
Now begins the fun. Warwick Hughes, an Australian scientist, wondered where that “+/–” came from, so he politely wrote Phil Jones in early 2005, asking for the original data. Jones’s response to a fellow scientist attempting to replicate his work was, “We have 25 years or so invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it?”
Reread that statement, for it is breathtaking in its anti-scientific thrust. In fact, the entire purpose of replication is to “try and find something wrong.” The ultimate objective of science is to do things so well that, indeed, nothing is wrong.
And also this -
 It’s worth noting that McKitrick and I had published papers demonstrating that the quality of land-based records is so poor that the warming trend estimated since 1979 (the first year for which we could compare those records to independent data from satellites) may have been overestimated by 50 percent. Webster, who received the CRU data, published studies linking changes in hurricane patterns to warming (while others have found otherwise).
Be aware also that Patrick Michaels ain't no amateur either..
– Patrick J. Michaels is a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute and author of Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don’t Want You to Know
But ofcourse the fun continues as both Mann and Jones have some major questions to answer and it's not about their studies but more about their ethics and integrity. Jones has now stepped down from his position at UEA and will ofcourse move into some other US left wing university where both ethics and integrity are used to wash the bathroom floor.
 Roger Pielke Jr., an esteemed professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado, then requested the raw data from Jones. Jones responded:
Since the 1980s, we have merged the data we have received into existing series or begun new ones, so it is impossible to say if all stations within a particular country or if all of an individual record should be freely available. Data storage availability in the 1980s meant that we were not able to keep the multiple sources for some sites, only the station series after adjustment for homogeneity issues. We, therefore, do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (i.e., quality controlled and homogenized) data.
The statement about “data storage” is balderdash. They got the records from somewhere. The files went onto a computer. All of the original data could easily fit on the 9-inch tape drives common in the mid-1980s. I had all of the world’s surface barometric pressure data on one such tape in 1979.

Hubert Lamb, One Honest Climate Scientist.

One normally meets a blatant obvious lie with such incredulity as to respond with their mouth open. Why, because the lie you have just been told is that obvious and that blatant, that the mind has only one response and everything else is forgotten. That is how the majority of people reacted when faced with the blatant chicanery by the CAGW pseudo-scientists, when those UEA (Uni. of East Anglia)  emails were released. One wondered how it was possible for a group of scientists to blatantly and obviously lie about the weather. Not only that, but they colluded and adjusted data and studies of what was supposed to be "peer reviewed"(now know as Pal Review) climate information to be used as guidelines to an ignorant public and government.

Their methods worked well as we have seen billions of dollars wasted on copious useless methods that were supposed to reduce carbon in the atmosphere and has in actual fact achieved absolutely nothing noticeable at all. The entire CAGW is a total scam waiting to be exposed but unfortunately, the main stream media have fallen for those lies as well and refuse to ask the apporpriate questions or practise any level of journalistic integrity on the subject. It has all become a major farce of gigantic proportions and it's still growing in magnitude as we have just witnessed at the latest energy wasting, CO2 inducing RIO20 carnival.

Meanwhile the old scientists, those who still have/had integrity and were not affected by political bullying, have records and studies that shows what happened in the past. The honest, untainted and true version that is.
Hubert Lamb was one of the leading climatologists of his time, indeed described in one obituary as the greatest. He spent most of his career at the UK Met Office before founding and becoming the first director of the Climatic Research Unit. He wrote many books, but perhaps “Climate: Present , Past & Future” was the most significant. Here we review Volume 2, amounting to 836 pages, which particularly looks at climatic trends over the centuries.
Here we have a scientist with obvious integrity and un-influenced by politics, who would study the facts and declare the truth of what he had studied. That was how it was originally done.  There are a lot of honourable scientists right now who are totally disgusted by the actions of the CAGW alarmists, those who stand to make money from their own dishonesty and lies.

Quotes from Lamb's Huge Books on the topic.
It was after 2000-1500 BC that most of the present glaciers in the Rocky Mountains south of  57 o N were formed and that major re-advance of those in the Alaskan Rockies first took place.
And at their subsequent advanced positions – probably around 500 BC as well as between 1650 and 1850 AD – the glaciers in the Alps regained an extent, estimated in the Glockner region, at about 5 times their Bronze Age Minimum, when all the smaller ones had disappeared.
More information on this topic..

Weatherspark: New Weather Program, BBQ data Free..

Weatherspark is a new weather assessment program that shows temps from around the world, from four different weather information gathering service. The fascinating operation of this enhanced and comprehensive program is the fact that you can check weather back to 1950s as the start date. It means that if the information is available, you can check the same day back to 1950,1960,1970, 1980 to the present day. Which is ideal if you are suffering from global warming hysterics. This program gives you comparisons to the four different weather forecasters and also an analysis between the forecasters and their accuracy as compared to actual daily temperatures.

There is a plethora of information available and will take hours to go through. Covering every area of weather from every part of the globe. Check out your own position and see what the weather was like in the 50s compared to today.


Cool Things You Can Do With WeatherSpark

Get the weather presented in graphs.
Get long range historical and current radar. US only.
Compare the weather in San Francisco to New York. Great for vacation planning!
View past forecasts to see how well they match what actually happened.
See if global warming is happening.
Check out the monsoon in Mumbai. The rainclouds are so strong that the temperature actually dips in the summer.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rasmussen: Obama and Romney.

A giant in his own mind. How can you tell when Obama is lying ?

A few things cheer me up now and again and this one makes my day. Not only is Romney kicking the great socialist/marxist butt but doing it with style and class. Something lacking from the pretender and chief. As sickening as his tenure has been. One delights in the idea that he will be tossed to the curb at the next election, hopefully at least. No other president in the history of the US has done so much damage, introduced so many ludicrous laws and experimented so often with people's lives, that one now wonders what he has left to do besides driving the US into total bankruptcy and complete poverty. He is the prime example of the left's stupidity where they are of the believe that money is endless and by destroying those people who make it won't make any difference..

Gillard is doing the exact same thing in Australia as we can compare the level of ignorance and insanity in their thinking processes. One wonders if they are capable of thinking sanely or even logically at all. The socialist/marxist doctrine has failed in the past for obvious reason and continues to fail even now. To keep promoting that level of cowardice and insanty will only exacerbate the problem and turn countries into the sorry pathetic excuses that both Greece and Italy now find themselves in. Sanity apparently has dissappeared from the scene as stupidity replaces it.

Rasmussen on Obama and Romney.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Mitt Romney attracting 48% of the vote, while President Obama earns 43%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided. The president picks up support from just 35% of white voters overall. That’s eight points below the 43% of the white vote he won in 2008. The gender gap is now at 11 points. That’s little changed from the 12-point gap in 2008. Romney leads by 11 among men, and the candidates are even among women.
This is good news all around. President Obama is losing support among white voters, Mitt Romney leads by double digits among men and, most important, they split the women’s vote. What else could we ask for? Best of all, the survey suggests that the phony “war on women” meme invented by Democrats has failed to significantly hurt Romney (despite their best efforts). Sure, Leftists will continue to argue Rasmussen polls are deeply skewed (and overtly partisan!) even though they accurately predicted the outcome of the 2008 presidential election. Go figure. And, yes, while Gallup’s latest survey does show the two candidates locked in a dead heat -- 46 to 46 -- the Rasmussen graph below should still brighten your weekend.

Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists.

Erm!! the globe is cooling, no, warming erm no..Take a pick.

The good people from GWPF are referring to that feral crowd commonly known as "greenies", a term used to describe a bunch of beings who love trees more than the inhabitants of this planet. This is the same crowd that banned DDT, even though studies showed it had no long term harmful affect. They thereby condemned millions of people to death via malaria which the DDT was used to destroy those dangerous bugs that was causing so much destruction and harm to human life. But they just do not give a damn about that whatsoever. Totally and completely unmoved.

These are the same people, the same uncaring lunatics who determined that the poor in India should not have any hydro electricity but should die from lung disease by burning manure and other nefarious elements on their cooking stoves, mostly women and children. That made those greenies feel a lot better about themselves as well.

Yep. everything is warming but only inside, more logs on the  fire.

So now we have the Global Warming lunacy, an event totally controlled by the weather and completely disproved as being either catastrophic as claimed as well as being a natural action as precedence has already demonstrated from past weather conditions. But no, they prefer the hysterics and all those wild exaggerated, hysterical claims that people are going to fry in bed, alive. All types of suffering will be endured and the entire population of the planet will shrink by 4,5 billion in the flash on an eyelid. They have been saying that for twenty years, TWENTY YEARS. Have a walk outside and see if they are telling the truth !
Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists And The Fatal Cult Of Antihumanism

The anti-global-warming crusade against carbon-based energy is the latest assault on progress and improvement. Zubrin is correct to call the climate-change movement a “global antihuman cult.” Its assaults against dissent, embrace of messianic leaders, and apocalyptic scenarios reveal a debased religious sensibility rather than scientific rigor.
 For more information on the subject have a read here and you may want to allocate quite a few hours to ensure you comprehend it..

Also this article where we can suggest that you follow the money. That's the bottom line..
Scientist Garth Paltridge:
Climate science has transformed itself from a research backwater a few decades ago into one of the greatest public-good scientific cash cows ever devised. In Australia, for instance, there is a separate federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency specifically devoted to implementing (buying?) the social change required to limit global warming. The livelihood of many of the climate scientists within the CSIRO and elsewhere is now dependent on grants from that department. It is not a situation conducive to sceptical outlook and balanced advice. When a tendency toward postmodern science is mixed with a single, generous and undoubtedly biased source of money, it is not surprising that things can go very wrong very quickly.

 That’s your money he’s talking about. The public cost of warming activism extends well beyond the carbon tax.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Gillard's Government: Boat People, Illegal Immigrants or Asylum Seekers.

Let's kill the economy for no benefit at all. Typical left loonie thinking. Well Done..

One assumes that whenever anyone aligns themselves with the socialist cum-marxist lunacy, they are more concerned with people than anything else. Their well generated hypocisy makes that claim constantly, we have the "I am more concerned than you" comment via snide and accusational remarks, whenever they feel that is necessary.
Take for example, the "Illegal immigrants/boat people/asylum seekers" saga currently allowed to fester by the left wing "feel good about ourselves is important" cadre, the Gillard dysfunctional government. They are incapable of fixing this minor problem which they have tried every which way to fix. Their version of fix is ofcourse opposite to sane diagnoses or coherent outcomes. Nope, not Gillard's Labour Government, every issue must first be totally screwed around, shaken and see what falls out and find something, anything they can find that would indicate some well deserved narcissistic points, they can sleep with.

Sadly, anything they come up with has always screwed a lot of people around. Take the ABN (Australian Broadcast Network) a feel good effort that will be made redundant in about two years as satellite technology increases and costs drop, but they will waste 50+ billion in the process because they assume it was a "good" thing to do. They did not bother with the homework, the housekeeping that any and every competent manager would undertake, first find if the project will (a). Will it Work, (b).How much will it Cost and (c).Who will use it. Those questions have yet to be asked of the general population, but that did not stop this inane government from starting to handout out billions of tax payers dollars for something they do not even know what they will end up with. To be a socialist/lefty/marxist obviously requires various levels of stupid, being ignorant is a major advantage and also narcissism is the measure required as well.

One has to feel good while driving the country into the ground. It is that simple. Easy, no intelligence required.

The Gillard Government preaches confidence, prepares for despair:
SENIOR bureaucrats were warned that 2012 would be a dark year for Australia, as cost-of-living pressures and tensions over housing affordability and indigenous disadvantage increased the risk of social unrest.
The overwhelming confidence Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have in the nation’s future is barely evident in the “protected” briefing note prepared by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for a secretaries retreat over summer…
Cost-of-living pressures combined with tensions over housing affordability and indigenous disadvantage, even the level of support given to asylum-seekers, could potentially spark rioting—particularly if Australia were to experience climbing unemployment. “The 2004 Redfern riots and 2005 Cronulla riots show the potential for real or perceived inequality to give rise to important events of protest and violence,” the document states.
The danger of riots isn’t just or even mainly a sign of economic stress. It is also a sign of increased tribalism - ”the centre cannot hold”.

Gillard, the Greens and Independents -Blood on their Hands.

Illegal immigrants fighting for their lives in stormy seas after boat capsized.

Well it had to repeat itself and now it has. The Australian Labour Government, the Greens and the Independents, now have blood on their hands. They have pursued this policy without changes even after hundreds of other people died already trying to reach Australia illegally. The incompetence of those in power is once again demonstrated and the leader of the country is the most incompetent as we have already witnessed and continue to see to this day.

There is no difference to lining to them up against the wall and shooting them. This way they would not have faced that terror on the high seas and fought for their lives.

Creating "feel good" policies is one thing but when it starts killing people as the home insulation pink batt saga did and also this open border policy which draws thousands of people here illegally has to eventuall be put to an end before more people die.

The Australian Government, the Green and Independents, have blood on their hands.No denying that anymore. The damage has been done.So when will they change this policy, now, or when more die.

100 believed dead

Andrew Bolt June 23 2012 (7:24am)

Boat people policy
More saved than many would have believed, thanks to swift work by Australian officials and sailors - but the toll is dreadful:
Three asylum-seekers have been confirmed to have drowned and more than 100 are thought to have died in the latest tragedy to befall those attempting the perilous journey across the sea.
Most of the 109 survivors, including a 13-year-old boy, were last night recovering on Christmas Island after being plucked from the sea by two navy vessels and two commercial ships, including the JPO Vulpecula.
Once again, Mal Washer proves himself an able member of the Opposition to the Opposition. Last known for defending Craig Thomson from attack, he now urges the Liberals to back Labor’s non-solution, rather than insist the Government adopt the Coalition’s much more promising own:
Liberal MP Mal Washer called on Tony Abbott to consider supporting Labor’s Malaysia Solution.

Bribe a Fairfax "The Age" Editor Today, while they are hot..

Fairfax and The Age Saga continues..

It is always riveting but not unexpected, to watch those left wing liars conveniently play the games that normally becomes their undoing. Stupid is as stupid does, can also be applied to that AGW hysterical raging site called "Skeptical Science", appropriately "SS" for short. That lunacy Global Warming hysteria site has exposed itself completely as these exposed emails show. Lying about the climate is one thing but manipulating the Fairfax editors is something else but they did not have to do much convincing from the look of it.

In order to spread the misinformation about AGW and the fertilising CO2, they did a deal on the sly and the editors of The AGE newspaper, have been shown to be the main problem rather than just part of it.The argument is supposed to be about ethical standards and freedom of the press. In reality, it's all about the left wing loons demanding they keep their own indoctrinating vehicle in place and bugger the balance and the truth. Since when does any left wing indoctrination rag ever indulge in anything honest or ethical or that has any integrity. When ever you come across one, let me know, It will be the first one..

How To Get Published in The Age

EARLIER THIS YEAR, the energetic warmist John Cook left the rear door ajar at his Skeptical Science, allowing the uninvited to slip through and peruse a wealth of archived and formerly private correspondence between the site’s proprietor and the more ardent and intimate catastropharians who wring their hankies at his select invitation. Links to several now-dead .zip files were posted on the web, and several kind readers passed along all those notes and letters to the Billabong, where they provoked quite a few chuckles but no posts. At the time it seemed other than the act of a gentleman to read another’s mail and talk about it, so the archive’s many illustrative opportunities to cite fevered minds in action went untapped.
That is still the attitude at the Billabong, although this column by Jo Chandler and Ian Munro in today’s Phage has prompted a bit of a re-think. As you might expect, and as we will see repeatedly over the weeks to come, it is all about the hallowed Fairfax manifesto of editorial independence and how vital it is to the quality journalism people like Chandler and Munro produce.  There is one little section, though, that justifies hiking the hem just a bit on Cook’s archive. It is Article Three of the Age and Sunday charter (apparently the Silly and other papers have their own) and re-produced at the foot of the Chandler-Munro article. Here it is:
3. The board of directors acknowledges the responsibility of journalists, artists and photographers to report and comment on the affairs of the city, state, nation and the world fairly and accurately and regardless of any commercial, personal or political interests including those of any shareholder, manager, editor or staff member.
What brings this to mind is Cook’s archived note to a fellow warmist -- a note in which he explains how, when the Phage wandered off the reservation and allowed Bob Carter to decry warmism on the paper’s opinion page, he succeeded in having  a rebuttal published in the same space and on the very next day. There is no link to what follows, but take a Bunyip’s word that everything below is as it is in the original. Cook wrote:
“What I have learned so far is to build relationships. I got the Age piece because I knew Jo Chandler at The Age. She was the one who advocated for me to the opinion editor that I should respond to the Carter article. So schmoozing is something we all have to work at. Try to build the relationships with local journalists and editors. How? Beats me but if you figure it out, let us all know!”
So, just to recap, Article Three of The Phage’s Mingy Carta avows that journalists will eschew influencing editorial content “regardless of any commercial, personal or political interests.” Yet Chandler, who is a warmist to her boot heels and just happened to have a newly released alarmist tome in the shops, used her influence to make sure her mate Cook was given the final word. And just for good measure, Chandler administered a follow-up wallop to Carter a couple of days later. All of that would seem to be at odds with each of Article Three’s stipulations against reporters advancing their personal, political and commercial interests.
But there is more than that, and it behoves Mrs Rinehart’s incoming editors to think about, for example, the apparent ease with which eager reporters can be schmoozed, to use Cook’s term, by activists pushing agendas that those journalists find congenial.  If the Age had a few resident sceptics for balance, people who might also have leaned on the opinion editor, it might not matter so much. But one gathers that they and their potential advocacy have been driven off in much the same way that a favoured propagandist was ushered in.
It also helps to explain why The Age has shed so many readers and so much credibility.  According to Chandler, who chairs the House Independence Committee, the charter is vital – vital, apparently, for suppressing dissent from the views prevailing two floors above the corner of Collins and Spencer streets.
It will be interesting to see how Mrs Rinehart sets about changing all that.

UPDATE: Go a'googling for Carter's Age article and look at the headline that shows up in the search results: "Climate change denialist Bob Carter -- The Age". As this headline is not the one on the story, would it be a fair guess to assume it has been tagged like this score google links?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Labour Shadow Minister for Education he's Not..

More examples of left wing stupidity as we witness another major gaffe from the shadow minister for education in England, education shadow minister for crying out loud.

Since when did 3 out of ten equal 60% ?

Now I am not a maths genius, but I would have a guess at that answer being 30%, I could be wrong but not as wrong as this clone who apparently has as much idea as what education means as he does with his maths calculations.
Yet these clueless drones keep getting voted into office. One wonders if politicians should pass a normal intelligence test before running for office rather than demonstrating their ignorance in the public view.

Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan Fails Maths Test

 Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan had a mathematical nightmare in the Commons earlier, telling the House that three out of ten equalled 60%. Things only got worse for the Labour man, who then laughably accused his opposite number of being “not very good at maths“. It’s back to the classroom for him

Cherie Blair, a Vituperate Harridan.

Children thrive when cared for by mummy and not shoved into "care"..

Trying to find anything complimentary about the harridan Blair is a bit of an ask. Not only is this female an elite, it presumes to lecture and give advice where none is asked or ever warranted. Not from that obnoxious harpie. As a member of a hate movement, Blair just cannot see anything from a common POV. All it ever sees is it's own privileged lifestyle and copious income as being a vessel to flog her incompetent and irrelevant rants whenever it feels the need..

Cherie Blair, has-been and done.

Does anyone ever listen to this misanthrope, absolutely not, one would receive better advice from a blind Shaman, snorting glue. Blair's irrelevance is keenly demonstrated with this article and also demonstrates how out of touch this viper or better still, this vituperate (look that up), has-been, really is. It just doesn't know when to the stfu.

Most women would rather be yummy mummies than Cherie Blairs 

By Last updated: June 20th, 2012

Cherie Blair is hogging the headlines again. Recently she complained that women were too nice to ask for a pay rise. Now, she's striking out at yummy mummies who stay at home to raise their children rather than get themselves a lucrative job (as, say, a QC). Silly girls, Cherie the Silk scolds them, if you don't earn your keep, you'll have to depend on a MAN!
I don't know about the particulars of Cherie's own domestic arrangements: relying on a globe-trotting Ambassador of Peace would not be a shrewd move for any mummy, yummy or not. What I do know is that her latest salvo is in tune with everything else Cherie Blair has ever said about women. Let Tony vacillate, like a reed in the wind; his wife stands firm and rocklike on a number of principles. Chief among them is a certain kind of feminism.
What I call alpha feminism is preached and promoted by a group of vocal, high-profile career women. They are blessed with excellent education, self-belief (at least of the professional kind) and a dazzling career. They rate their families and even in some instances their husbands – but they strive for autonomy (I can live without him/them).
It's great, if you belong to this elite. The only problem is, if you don't, they won't leave you alone. Alpha feminists want to be free to do as they please – shine professionally, stick two fingers up at marriage, whatever; but they don't want other women to be free to choose their own path. No: there is one way, and it's my way, proclaim the Cheries of this world. Ordinary women, those who have a job not a career, believe in personal interdependence rather than autonomy, and want to raise their own children rather than hand them over to Nanny (or Granny), must do their sisters' bidding. Under the alpha-feminist regime, women who choose an alternative lifestyle are traitors to the cause. The yummy mummy who married well and is whiling away her mornings at Starbucks after having dropped off the kids at school in her Chelsea tractor, is particularly vilified. Even the most self-absorbed alpha feminist senses that not all women boast the education or personal skills to climb to the top; but yummy mummies are usually well-educated and employable. So why do they leave even the best careers to raise their own children? Why do they "waste" their time baking cupcakes for the school fete, keeping their toned bodies flexible with pilates and cooking sumptuous dinners for a MAN?
The elite grab the mics and the headlines. This means anyone paying attention will think that their values are common values.
Not one bit of it, as I discovered when researching a pamphlet on working women for the Centre for Policy Studies. The majority of women don't have a glittering highly remunerative career; their work is drudge work, and often their earnings do not cover childcare. But even those who are potential Cheries – Oxbridge-educated high-fliers – don't choose to go down her route. They'd rather be yummy mummies than Cherie Blairs. They prefer sacrificing the corner office to the chance to raise their own children. They prefer a tight-knit couple where each partner relies on the other, to a marriage of two self-sufficient earners with an "I don't need you anyway" attitude.
Alpha feminists abhor such values: they keep women from reaching their potential. Perhaps – but which potential? Professional or personal? For many women, personal happiness is more important than professional success. They invest their time and skills accordingly. I don't think they're wrong, but I do think it would be wrong for the elite (whether female or male) to impose its priorities on them.
There will always be a group of ambitious professionals, men and women, who reach for the stars. That's fine, as long as they allow the rest of us on the ground to bump along as we choose.

Gillard Government with more Blood on their Hands.

Pick out the criminals!
More Blood on the hands of the Gillard Government as they deny their policies promotes death and harm. Not just to adults but children as well. A well meaning policy gone haywire while Gillard stands by and watches more people die. It was not enough causing deaths with their botched and rushed insulation program.

Gillard Government with More Blood on their Hands.

Once again, a law was introduced under the believe  that it was somehow humane and benevolent to potential illegal immigrants open up the flood gates. Gillard's Labour decided that an open border policy is a very bright idea and meanwhile Australia will end up paying billions of dollars to welcome these misanthropes, as they refuse to travel and immigrate legally. As they come within the border of Australia territory, they simply toss their identification papers and passports overboard and pretend to being "victims" of something or another but Sri Lanka, Iran and Pakistan are not countries that can be claimed to being victimhood producers, they are not at war.
These people see the benefits of Australian life and decide to spend 10 of thousands of dollars getting there and then claim refugee status which ofcourse they are not. They are no more refugees than I am. Gillard's lackies welcome them with open arms, grant them thousands of dollars as well as accommodation and jobs while the rest of the population can go to hell. Those same benefits are denied their own citizens. How is that for hypocrisy and blatant stupidity. Gillard's government has managed that part to perfection..

Some saved - but tougher laws will save hundreds more

Andrew Bolt June 22 2012 (6:28am)

Boat people policy
More are believed to have been rescued than seemed possible - a credit to our authorities:

DOZENS of people are feared to have drowned and a frantic rescue operation was under way last night after a boat carrying up to 200 asylum seekers capsized on its way to Australia…

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said life rafts had been deployed to the survivors, and 110 people had been rescued. A spokesman said: ‘’Our primary focus at the moment is to rescue as many people as we can’’.
The boat was from Sri Lanka. The Government should urgently consider making some blanket declaration that Sri Lanka is not a country now from which we accept refugees, being a functioning civil society.
And this week it should announce a dramatic bi-partisan toughening up of our border laws. This week. Before the anger is once again replaced by apathy.

Anne Rose and the AGW Scare Mongering - Hand in Hand.

Takes the same effort to be stupid then it does to be smart. G20 Manage.

There appears to be no limitation to the obvious lies and misinformation coming from lunatic lefties such as  Anne Rose. Another one incapable of recognising the bleeding obvious and concentrating solely on the tunneled visioned hypocrisy of the AGW crowd. The precondition to belonging to this group is a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance as well as selective reasoning ability that allows one to believe other members of that same lunatic group.

One has to wonder how far they will go to completely submerge themselves into that delusion and what it will finally take for them to surface and actually admit that they had or have absolutely no idea whatsoever about what was really going on.
Following the delusion is the order of the day, even though there are thousands who can prove her wrong as well as over half of the population who has had a think about the AGW scare mongering has decided it is precisely that - scare mongering.

But do not let a good lie, a religious conviction, stand in the way of a good fairy tale. Fascinating that this is an example of the future generations demonstrating how the education system has failed them miserably already and prefer to follow delusional trends while claiming they even possess some grey cells capable of the thought process. I have my doubts.

Designer conscience

SOY latte with honey” was climate-change warrior Anna Rose’s choice of coffee at a cafe.
It gets worse:
“There has been a massive campaign of misinformation and confusion and doubt,” she says.
And then the head of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition proceeds to demonstrate just that:

At the moment, Australia is on track for at least a one-metre rise by 2100.
But as usual, to be blatantly and obviously stupid one needs more words and Rose does not fail there either. She has swallowed that AGW ruse hook, line and latte.

And then the head of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition proceeds to demonstrate just that:

At the moment, Australia is on track for at least a one-metre rise by 2100.
False. Note that even the alarmist CSIRO projects a maximum rise of 0.8 metres, and likely rises of much less:
Note that since publication of the AR4, Pfeffer et al. (2008) have argued that a rise in excess of 2 metres is “physically untenable,” and that a maximum rise of 0.8 metres (near the upper end of the IPCC AR4 projections) is more plausible.
Note also that the observed sea level rise over the past 20 years is just 3.1mm a year (or 31cm per century) and falling:

Undaunted, Rose goes on:
it is not the polar bears and Barrier Reef, although they are affected
From Canada’s Globe and Mail in April:
The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.
The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That’s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears’ ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it’s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

Lovelock Betrays Gaia, I can Feel their Pain..

Lovelock speaks the truth and he is now a "traitor" to the weirdos..
It has always been a sad reflection on the Greens and other tree hugging hypocrites, that they really had nothing in the way of a policy or even some type of decent intelligent plan to follow. So they had to create and write their own fraudulent version of some type of bible. They had no clue whatsoever as to which way to go or what to believe, so they had to make it up as they went or just fill in the gaps from one or another nominated individual whom they agreed with or seemed to present something that appeared tangible and acceptable to their delusional mindset..

Lovelock was ofcourse one of those they chose to follow as his theory on Gaia was a revelation to their ears and thereby they slapped him onto a pedastal and paid homage to his superior intellect and interpretations of the planet. All was quickly forgotton as they heard their hero utter words that pained them and made them stagger about like they were in the dark. Their leader, their Guru, their Master of the Planet had uttered words that made their ears bleed and stifled their tofu muddled brains, seized with fright and terror.

He has betrayed them by speaking  those word that must not be named.

Lovelock goes mad for shale gas

A glorious interview with James Lovelock in today's Guardian. Essential reading for everyone, greens especially. In it, the inventor of Gaia theory and godfather of modern environmentalism declares that wind farms are hideous, renewables are a waste of space, nuclear power is good, sea level rises aren't a worry, environmentalism has replaced Christianity as the global religion and that we should all be "going mad on" shale gas, which he considers our best energy hope for the immediate future.
My favourite line, though is this one:
"I'm neither strongly left nor right, but I detest the Liberal Democrats."
Needless to say the eco-nuts who congregate beneath Komment Macht Frei are going mental. One commenter calls him an "evil bastard". Several others say they always thought Gaia theory was total rubbish anyway and suggest that at 92 Lovelock has probably started to lose his marbles.
Really? All sounds perfectly sensible to me.
Have a read of this:
Lovelock does not miss a chance to criticise the green movement that has long paid heed to his views. "It's just the way the humans are that if there's a cause of some sort, a religion starts forming around it. It just so happens that the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion. I don't think people have noticed that, but it's got all the sort of terms that religions use. The greens use guilt. You can't win people round by saying they are guilty for putting CO2 in the air."
Or this:
Having already upset many environmentalists – for whom he is something of a guru – with his long-time support for nuclear power and his hatred of wind power (he has a picture of a wind turbine on the wall of his study to remind him how "ugly and useless they are"), he is now coming out in favour of "fracking", the controversial technique for extracting natural gas from the ground. He argues that, while not perfect, it produces far less CO2 than burning coal: "Gas is almost a give-away in the US at the moment. They've gone for fracking in a big way. Let's be pragmatic and sensible and get Britain to switch everything to methane. We should be going mad on it."
If anyone can find serious flaws in this argument, I'd love to hear them. (And no: "James Lovelock is, like, really old, and, like, Gaia Theory sucks. Heh heh heh," isn't good enough).
My only criticisms of Lovelock's recantations are that a) they couldn't have come a few years earlier (they would have been a lot braver – and more devastating – when the global warming craze was at its peak and that b) they seem to have been prompted at least partly by self-interest.
The move, he says, has been forced on him. Three years ago, he received a heating bill for the winter totalling £6,000. His age means he has to have the heating on full in his poorly insulted home and, with his disabled son, Tom, living in a house next door, his outgoings on fuel rocketed. Damp winters on the edge of Dartmoor were taking their toll, so in recent years he has overwintered in St Louis, his wife's hometown in Missouri. The experience altered his attitude to the politics and economics of energy.
against their idols and alters, he has laid straight what was crooked and he uttered words that were already erased from their memories like fractering, wind mills suck and nuclear power is a winner. They are in shock...

Lord Leach and Nature "Denier" Name Calling Gaffe..

Baghdad Bob even agrees, "the argument is settled".

I have always wondered why the AGW hysterical crowd always wallowed in name calling rather than stating actual facts, specific to the argument. One wonders why anyone would call someone a denier, denier, when in actual fact they had nothing else to offer in relation to the argument at hand. It demonstrates a childish and immature response, where one would scream "liar,liar,liar" when someone told the truth and one wanted to at least challenge that truth with something besides a shame faced response or a stance of guilty, like looking at the floor while trying to hide one's obvious guilt.
Shameless editors of magazines and warmist scientists alike, suffer from this same reactive response. Instead of proffering a verifiable response or arguing their stance, they resort to name calling, Mann and others of his ilk are masters of it. They have inturn bought science into ill repute, destroyed it's once great reputation and dosed it with kerosene and applied a match. For the sheer purpose of pushing their own religious doctrine while making a considerable amount of money in the process. Lying about AGW is very profitable as they can clearly demonstrate.

But they continue on their childish path and would do endlessly if there were not some people who wander on a higher moral ground, who rise above the name calling and finally call them to account. About time they did as well.

An introduction here by Anthony Watts, wondering the same thing as I - (follow the link for more of the article).

Lord Leach of Fairford weighs in on Nature’s ‘denier’ gaffe

I’ve still not received any reply from Nature Climate Change editor Rory Howlett to my query about why he allowed the term “deniers” in scientific literature (Bain et al), and neither has Bishop Hill to my knowledge. Lord Leach however, has weighed in, and has sent me his letter for publication here with permission. – Anthony
Dear Dr Howlett,
The use of the term “denier” does your journal a disservice, both for its vagueness and for its insulting overtone.  
What does a “denier” deny? Certainly not Climate Change: nor global warming since records began in the late 19th century: nor the likelihood of human influence on temperatures. What, then?
A “denier” denies certainty on a complex and still young scientific subject. A “denier” questions assumptions about the near irrelevance of solar, oceanic and other non-anthropogenic influences on temperature. A “denier” prefers evidence to model projections. A “denier” tests alarming predictions against actual observations. In short, a “denier” exhibits the symptoms of a genuine seeker after scientific truth.
I wish the same could be said of “consensus” writers – or that they showed the same restraint and courtesy towards different opinions shown by sceptics such as Watts Up With That
Yours sincerely
Rodney Leach
Lord Leach of Fairford

Minority Report Becomes Reality.

Someone is watching you.

In a brilliant move, the US socialist government installed those scanners that had lesbian narcissists and other deviants, fondling super models, just for fun, then claimed security checking procedure. Never the less, they were fondling everyone possible while the furor and anger increased, fondling supermodels is one thing but fondling kids !. This demonstrated how offensive it could be to being subjected to body checks and no one really wanted to have to go through with that if they go get away with it, some even opted for road travel.
The next level of surveillance was introduced recently and is being installed at the new Texas airport right now. In order to introduce this new scanner, capable of tracking an individual from car to flight gate, would have met with uproar were it not for the fact that it will replace the fondling and clothes removal indignation of the current system. This will be much less intrusive and will not interfere with your travel experience. I can hear the promo now.

What's a couple of billion when manipulating public opinion and ensuring that ever more people checking is guaranteed and make it appear to be the idea of the public rather than another step up in the human monitoring game. Retina scans and fingerprinting, no need for a identity card any longer, they already have all the information they need, just need the last input to seal the deal.

'Checkpoint of the future' takes shape at Texas airport

DALLAS – At a terminal being renovated here at Love Field, contractors are installing 500 high-definition security cameras sharp enough to read an auto license plate or a logo on a shirt.

Workers use lifts to construct a new gate at Love Field. Soon the airport will have one of the most state-of-the-art systems, including ticketing, security and gates featuring heavy video surveillance.
 In Dallas: Workers use lifts to construct a new gate at Love Field. Soon the airport will have one of the most state-of-the-art systems, including ticketing, security and gates featuring heavy video surveillance.
In Dallas: Workers use lifts to construct a new gate at Love Field. Soon the airport will have one of the most state-of-the-art systems, including ticketing, security and gates featuring heavy video surveillance. The cameras, capable of tracking passengers from the parking garage to gates to the tarmac, are a key first step in creating what the airline industry would like to see at airports worldwide: a security apparatus that would scrutinize passengers more thoroughly, but less intrusively, and in faster fashion than now.
It's part of what the International Air Transport Association, or IATA, which represents airlines globally, calls "the checkpoint of the future."
The goal is for fliers to move almost non-stop through security from the curb to the gate, in contrast to repeated security stops and logjams at checkpoints.
After checking their luggage, passengers would identify themselves not with driver's licenses and paper boarding passes, but by scanning fingerprints or irises to prove they have an electronic ticket.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Payback Time For Global Warming Lunacy Supporters..

It's not easy being stupid but the Global Warming Loonies have managed it, easily.

If there are a few people in Australian politics who are subject to either breaking promises or laws, it would have to be the independents. Not only have they backed the most incompetent Labour government eva, they have also thrown their vote behind the most insane tax every thought of by a lft wing lunatic, that is not an easy task.
That tax will do absolutely nothing but make other people in other countries rich while at the same time destroy the Australian economy, drive up the unemployment rate and case more deaths and suffering in the elderly population. Labour is taxing those same people they claim to represent. Hence the "let's be stupid" title that only a left wing/liberal/socialist cadre of lunatics can support. Their normal everyday action even permit that labeling as they continually demonstrate their inability to govern let alone think clearly.


Tim Blair Thursday, June 21, 2012 (11:24am)

The swing is on in New England, where Tony Windsor won 62 per cent of the primary vote in 2007 and 2010:

Independent federal MP Tony Windsor would be decisively beaten by potential National Party candidate Richard Torbay on primary vote alone, according to the latest polling results …
Mr Windsor has held the electorate since 2001 but the poll only offered 24.6pc support for the incumbent, while Mr Torbay won 60.2pc approval.
A potential Labor candidate received 4.6pc support in the poll …
It is just possible that the carbon tax is playing a role here.

Simplistic Mental Masturbation from Left Wing freeloaders.

Oh! the world owes me a living.
Here we have the prime example of Attila, one they use to call the Hun for obvious reasons. Eh! that would be a historic reference and maybe not one that the "educated" or should that be "indoctrinated" youth of Gen X and Y would be familiar with.

Anyway, we have this misanthrope politician who begs for a further reefing with the mental capacity and thought processes of a mentally deficient snail..

This Attila methodology and mentality is explained right here -
Attila rebels against reason by focusing on the physical means for survival. Specifically, Attila chooses to physically conquer those who choose to conquer nature. Attila tries to take by force the things that others produce. Attila bases his/her actions on sensations (urges, desires, aversions). Attila focuses on materialistic pleasures,those things that do not require much use of reason, specifically conceptions. Since the conceptual aspect of consciousness cannot be wholly neglected, Attila searches for something that gives his/her life meaning or a sense of being right.
Yes, the "gimme" attitude reigns supreme in the socialist/marxist/leninists/looney left. They are indeed of the opinion that the world actually owes them a living just for being here..

They just get better and better at demonstrating their stupidity and inane fiscal designs while at the same time ride the population for everything they can get out of it. Self interest, self glorification and self monetary enhancement is always at the highest priority as we continually witness but everyone else must bare the brunt of their inane, thoughtless, unworkable suggestions. One wonders what level of dumb one has to be to vote one of these misanthropes into office. Obviously not voted in for their mental capacity or common sense.

Three blind mice comes to mind..

Labour MEP: We Should Have Joined the €uro

Loony Labour MEP Mary Honeyball still wants Britain join the Euro. Writing for LabourList she blindly insists that we would have been better off in the single currency all along, suggesting: “Tony Blair’s instincts on the Euro were right, even in the light of the current crisis.” She goes on to warn:
“The UK has once again failed to join the European project at the right time… if a country is not there at the start they stand to miss out on crucial decisions. The Eurozone seems to be going in the direction of some kind of banking union. This will obviously have an effect on the City of London. Being outside whatever kind of union emerges may well prove problematic for our financial services industry. We in Britain should ask ourselves whether we really want a powerful neighbour with a unified banking system which will be able to challenge, not to say get the better of, our most important industry.”

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The World Owes Me a Living..

Hysterics reigns supreme when one has a look at the action of left wing lunacy license holders and their response to the Fairfax Corporation's inevitable decline. Inevitable as they produce that usual left wing dream-time drivel that no one really wants to hear or are even remotely interested in, it just catered to their own delusional minions. One wonders how they have gotten away with it for so long. The other left wing lunatic fringe rag is the Guardian in England where it promotes the same messages and even quote and support the indoctrination spiels from each other.

The matter that they are producing irrelevance, matters nada to left wing infidels, as they have always been convinced that money grows on trees and everyone should be looked after by the state. They forget that there is only so much money to go around and in order to produce more, they would actually have to go out and do something that is totally foreign to them, go to work.

The sane and hard working have no issue with that fact at all and deal with that as they would with everything else, but not the "occupy" crowd. They demonstrated exactly and clearly what the left wing doctrine would eventually lead you and it ain't utopia. Preferring instead to a life of living of some one else's hard work, blood, sweat and tears. The mindset these drones have no standards to follow as probably their own parents have not bothered with their personal education or have just paid for everything they have always owned and thereby have no indication of it's worth. Living at home was their aim and appealed to their comfort level. They however were contaminated by those same miscreants who believe that every single issue and problem has been created by either corporations or banks or some idiot hiding is some dungeon somewhere. That way they never have to learn anything else and they can and do create their own little life bubble where they can dream and demand that the world owes them a living..