Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hubert Lamb, One Honest Climate Scientist.

One normally meets a blatant obvious lie with such incredulity as to respond with their mouth open. Why, because the lie you have just been told is that obvious and that blatant, that the mind has only one response and everything else is forgotten. That is how the majority of people reacted when faced with the blatant chicanery by the CAGW pseudo-scientists, when those UEA (Uni. of East Anglia)  emails were released. One wondered how it was possible for a group of scientists to blatantly and obviously lie about the weather. Not only that, but they colluded and adjusted data and studies of what was supposed to be "peer reviewed"(now know as Pal Review) climate information to be used as guidelines to an ignorant public and government.

Their methods worked well as we have seen billions of dollars wasted on copious useless methods that were supposed to reduce carbon in the atmosphere and has in actual fact achieved absolutely nothing noticeable at all. The entire CAGW is a total scam waiting to be exposed but unfortunately, the main stream media have fallen for those lies as well and refuse to ask the apporpriate questions or practise any level of journalistic integrity on the subject. It has all become a major farce of gigantic proportions and it's still growing in magnitude as we have just witnessed at the latest energy wasting, CO2 inducing RIO20 carnival.

Meanwhile the old scientists, those who still have/had integrity and were not affected by political bullying, have records and studies that shows what happened in the past. The honest, untainted and true version that is.
Hubert Lamb was one of the leading climatologists of his time, indeed described in one obituary as the greatest. He spent most of his career at the UK Met Office before founding and becoming the first director of the Climatic Research Unit. He wrote many books, but perhaps “Climate: Present , Past & Future” was the most significant. Here we review Volume 2, amounting to 836 pages, which particularly looks at climatic trends over the centuries.
Here we have a scientist with obvious integrity and un-influenced by politics, who would study the facts and declare the truth of what he had studied. That was how it was originally done.  There are a lot of honourable scientists right now who are totally disgusted by the actions of the CAGW alarmists, those who stand to make money from their own dishonesty and lies.

Quotes from Lamb's Huge Books on the topic.
It was after 2000-1500 BC that most of the present glaciers in the Rocky Mountains south of  57 o N were formed and that major re-advance of those in the Alaskan Rockies first took place.
And at their subsequent advanced positions – probably around 500 BC as well as between 1650 and 1850 AD – the glaciers in the Alps regained an extent, estimated in the Glockner region, at about 5 times their Bronze Age Minimum, when all the smaller ones had disappeared.
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