Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fairfax: Global Warming and other Phage Issues.

Fairfax brilliant run and as you can see, an absolute failure for the investures.

Now let me make sure that I have this right -
Neil Mitchell: The circulation of your papers has dropped dramatically. How much does the content of your papers have to do with that drop?

Greg Hywood, Fairfax CEO: Absolutely nothing!
As you can see Hywood is the CEO of Fairfax, he is the number one at the top of the food chain at the left wing epicentre. Now one must wonder a few things about the competence of this leader. Denying that the content of a newspaper has nothing to do with the turnover or it's sales, must be the most ridiculous I have ever heard. Where does this clown come from.

The entire company is heading down the gurgler and yet they refuse to accept the fact that their product stinks to high heaven and no one wants to buy the crap they print. Yet, they deny that there is any issue or problem at all. Denying that the content of a newspaper has no effect on the sales is like a comedian saying that the reason he does not get any work is that it has nothing to do with his jokes not being funny. What a complete cop out and what a mindset. They would rather kill the business than adjust their content which is ofcourse nothing more than leftist/socialist/marxist indoctrination. Total and complete rubbish that is not only offensive but also downright rude and repulsive, yet they persist and claim they are a model for honesty, journalistic integrity.

This is the same company who offered as a promotion at the end of the year, a free trip for their advertisers that consisted of a tour to North Korea for two weeks. Not strange in itself but before that it was Cuba, and China, too bad the Berlin wall was no longer there otherwise East Berlin would have been on the itinerary as well.

Now the majority of thinking human beings have already worked out that Global Warming Hoax is just that, an obvious hoax instigated by a few fanatical scientists for their own selfish reasons. But Fairfax even denies that their is any problem whatsoever with their version of the AGW scheme. They still support it and promote it, yes they do. Those cretins are still pushing the AGW bandwagon when every one else has already jumped off.
As tectonic plates shift beneath the Australian media landscape, The Age has appointed an editor-in chief with a reputation forged, literally, on shifting ground.
Fairfax Media management today announced Andrew ...
 It turns out that this Andrew is straight out of central casting for a paper that’s the global warming Bible of the Left:

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