Thursday, 21 June 2012

Labour Shadow Minister for Education he's Not..

More examples of left wing stupidity as we witness another major gaffe from the shadow minister for education in England, education shadow minister for crying out loud.

Since when did 3 out of ten equal 60% ?

Now I am not a maths genius, but I would have a guess at that answer being 30%, I could be wrong but not as wrong as this clone who apparently has as much idea as what education means as he does with his maths calculations.
Yet these clueless drones keep getting voted into office. One wonders if politicians should pass a normal intelligence test before running for office rather than demonstrating their ignorance in the public view.

Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan Fails Maths Test

 Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan had a mathematical nightmare in the Commons earlier, telling the House that three out of ten equalled 60%. Things only got worse for the Labour man, who then laughably accused his opposite number of being “not very good at maths“. It’s back to the classroom for him

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