Saturday, 23 June 2012

Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists.

Erm!! the globe is cooling, no, warming erm no..Take a pick.

The good people from GWPF are referring to that feral crowd commonly known as "greenies", a term used to describe a bunch of beings who love trees more than the inhabitants of this planet. This is the same crowd that banned DDT, even though studies showed it had no long term harmful affect. They thereby condemned millions of people to death via malaria which the DDT was used to destroy those dangerous bugs that was causing so much destruction and harm to human life. But they just do not give a damn about that whatsoever. Totally and completely unmoved.

These are the same people, the same uncaring lunatics who determined that the poor in India should not have any hydro electricity but should die from lung disease by burning manure and other nefarious elements on their cooking stoves, mostly women and children. That made those greenies feel a lot better about themselves as well.

Yep. everything is warming but only inside, more logs on the  fire.

So now we have the Global Warming lunacy, an event totally controlled by the weather and completely disproved as being either catastrophic as claimed as well as being a natural action as precedence has already demonstrated from past weather conditions. But no, they prefer the hysterics and all those wild exaggerated, hysterical claims that people are going to fry in bed, alive. All types of suffering will be endured and the entire population of the planet will shrink by 4,5 billion in the flash on an eyelid. They have been saying that for twenty years, TWENTY YEARS. Have a walk outside and see if they are telling the truth !
Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists And The Fatal Cult Of Antihumanism

The anti-global-warming crusade against carbon-based energy is the latest assault on progress and improvement. Zubrin is correct to call the climate-change movement a “global antihuman cult.” Its assaults against dissent, embrace of messianic leaders, and apocalyptic scenarios reveal a debased religious sensibility rather than scientific rigor.
 For more information on the subject have a read here and you may want to allocate quite a few hours to ensure you comprehend it..

Also this article where we can suggest that you follow the money. That's the bottom line..
Scientist Garth Paltridge:
Climate science has transformed itself from a research backwater a few decades ago into one of the greatest public-good scientific cash cows ever devised. In Australia, for instance, there is a separate federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency specifically devoted to implementing (buying?) the social change required to limit global warming. The livelihood of many of the climate scientists within the CSIRO and elsewhere is now dependent on grants from that department. It is not a situation conducive to sceptical outlook and balanced advice. When a tendency toward postmodern science is mixed with a single, generous and undoubtedly biased source of money, it is not surprising that things can go very wrong very quickly.

 That’s your money he’s talking about. The public cost of warming activism extends well beyond the carbon tax.

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