Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weatherspark: New Weather Program, BBQ data Free..

Weatherspark is a new weather assessment program that shows temps from around the world, from four different weather information gathering service. The fascinating operation of this enhanced and comprehensive program is the fact that you can check weather back to 1950s as the start date. It means that if the information is available, you can check the same day back to 1950,1960,1970, 1980 to the present day. Which is ideal if you are suffering from global warming hysterics. This program gives you comparisons to the four different weather forecasters and also an analysis between the forecasters and their accuracy as compared to actual daily temperatures.

There is a plethora of information available and will take hours to go through. Covering every area of weather from every part of the globe. Check out your own position and see what the weather was like in the 50s compared to today.


Cool Things You Can Do With WeatherSpark

Get the weather presented in graphs.
Get long range historical and current radar. US only.
Compare the weather in San Francisco to New York. Great for vacation planning!
View past forecasts to see how well they match what actually happened.
See if global warming is happening.
Check out the monsoon in Mumbai. The rainclouds are so strong that the temperature actually dips in the summer.

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