Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Simplistic Mental Masturbation from Left Wing freeloaders.

Oh! the world owes me a living.
Here we have the prime example of Attila, one they use to call the Hun for obvious reasons. Eh! that would be a historic reference and maybe not one that the "educated" or should that be "indoctrinated" youth of Gen X and Y would be familiar with.

Anyway, we have this misanthrope politician who begs for a further reefing with the mental capacity and thought processes of a mentally deficient snail..

This Attila methodology and mentality is explained right here -
Attila rebels against reason by focusing on the physical means for survival. Specifically, Attila chooses to physically conquer those who choose to conquer nature. Attila tries to take by force the things that others produce. Attila bases his/her actions on sensations (urges, desires, aversions). Attila focuses on materialistic pleasures,those things that do not require much use of reason, specifically conceptions. Since the conceptual aspect of consciousness cannot be wholly neglected, Attila searches for something that gives his/her life meaning or a sense of being right.
Yes, the "gimme" attitude reigns supreme in the socialist/marxist/leninists/looney left. They are indeed of the opinion that the world actually owes them a living just for being here..

They just get better and better at demonstrating their stupidity and inane fiscal designs while at the same time ride the population for everything they can get out of it. Self interest, self glorification and self monetary enhancement is always at the highest priority as we continually witness but everyone else must bare the brunt of their inane, thoughtless, unworkable suggestions. One wonders what level of dumb one has to be to vote one of these misanthropes into office. Obviously not voted in for their mental capacity or common sense.

Three blind mice comes to mind..

Labour MEP: We Should Have Joined the €uro

Loony Labour MEP Mary Honeyball still wants Britain join the Euro. Writing for LabourList she blindly insists that we would have been better off in the single currency all along, suggesting: “Tony Blair’s instincts on the Euro were right, even in the light of the current crisis.” She goes on to warn:
“The UK has once again failed to join the European project at the right time… if a country is not there at the start they stand to miss out on crucial decisions. The Eurozone seems to be going in the direction of some kind of banking union. This will obviously have an effect on the City of London. Being outside whatever kind of union emerges may well prove problematic for our financial services industry. We in Britain should ask ourselves whether we really want a powerful neighbour with a unified banking system which will be able to challenge, not to say get the better of, our most important industry.”

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