Thursday, 21 June 2012

Gillard Government with more Blood on their Hands.

Pick out the criminals!
More Blood on the hands of the Gillard Government as they deny their policies promotes death and harm. Not just to adults but children as well. A well meaning policy gone haywire while Gillard stands by and watches more people die. It was not enough causing deaths with their botched and rushed insulation program.

Gillard Government with More Blood on their Hands.

Once again, a law was introduced under the believe  that it was somehow humane and benevolent to potential illegal immigrants open up the flood gates. Gillard's Labour decided that an open border policy is a very bright idea and meanwhile Australia will end up paying billions of dollars to welcome these misanthropes, as they refuse to travel and immigrate legally. As they come within the border of Australia territory, they simply toss their identification papers and passports overboard and pretend to being "victims" of something or another but Sri Lanka, Iran and Pakistan are not countries that can be claimed to being victimhood producers, they are not at war.
These people see the benefits of Australian life and decide to spend 10 of thousands of dollars getting there and then claim refugee status which ofcourse they are not. They are no more refugees than I am. Gillard's lackies welcome them with open arms, grant them thousands of dollars as well as accommodation and jobs while the rest of the population can go to hell. Those same benefits are denied their own citizens. How is that for hypocrisy and blatant stupidity. Gillard's government has managed that part to perfection..

Some saved - but tougher laws will save hundreds more

Andrew Bolt June 22 2012 (6:28am)

Boat people policy
More are believed to have been rescued than seemed possible - a credit to our authorities:

DOZENS of people are feared to have drowned and a frantic rescue operation was under way last night after a boat carrying up to 200 asylum seekers capsized on its way to Australia…

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said life rafts had been deployed to the survivors, and 110 people had been rescued. A spokesman said: ‘’Our primary focus at the moment is to rescue as many people as we can’’.
The boat was from Sri Lanka. The Government should urgently consider making some blanket declaration that Sri Lanka is not a country now from which we accept refugees, being a functioning civil society.
And this week it should announce a dramatic bi-partisan toughening up of our border laws. This week. Before the anger is once again replaced by apathy.

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