Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Four Archetypes of Human being..

I do wonder how it is possible for there to be so many variations of humans when in reality there should really only be one.This quote I found accidentally while reading something entirely different but it does demonstrate quite well why there is such a level of difference and also why we have such a level of sheer ignorance and stupidity reigning over the planet.

Take some of the ludicrous suggestions and actions from so called "wise" people. Leaders and others in power, who deem it necessary to demonstrate just how warped their thinking really is.
The world is made of four archetypes of human beings, Attila, the Witch Doctor, Ballast, and the Producer.

Ballast are those who “go through life in a state of unfocused stupor, merely repeating the words and the motions they learned from others.” (p. 200)

Attila rebels against reason by focusing on the physical means for survival. Specifically, Attila chooses to physically conquer those who choose to conquer nature. Attila tries to take by force the things that others produce. Attila bases his/her actions on sensations (urges, desires, aversions). Attila focuses on materialistic pleasures,those things that do not require much use of reason, specifically conceptions. Since the conceptual aspect of consciousness cannot be wholly neglected, Attila searches for something that gives his/her life meaning or a sense of being right. The Witch Doctor provides Attila with a code of values.

The Witch Doctor rebels against reason by attempting to conquer those who conquer the Producers. The Witch Doctor does not conquer Attila physically, but psychologically. The Witch Doctor rebels against reason by denying the ability to change nature. The Witch Doctor views the objects of sense as immutable. He/she believes that his/her feelings and senses can provide infallible knowledge of the universe. If reality clashes with what the Witch Doctor believes is true, then the Witch Doctor ignores reality. The Witch Doctor sets him/herself up as the authority on truth. This is how he/she conquers others, by convincing them that they ought to deny their own thoughts and ideas and blindly accept the Witch Doctor’s ideas as true. The Witch Doctor sets him/herself up as the authority on right and wrong.

While Attila focuses on the concrete and neglects abstraction, the Witch Doctor focuses on the abstract and neglects the concrete. Neither is adequate to deal with existence. So, the Witch Doctor and Attila become dependent upon each other. Together, they use fear and guilt to control the Ballast and undermine the Producers.

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