Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Costa Concordia: Negligence by Owners and Government Department.

Did not see the land coming, oops!!

One does wonder how many government departments failed once again in their duties. One would imagine that a ship carrying over 4000 passengers would at least be given a cursory glance now and again, just to make sure that it is actually functioning properly. Apparently not the case in Italy or Greece or whatever Mediterranean country that has screwed it up this time.

Not only are those countries incapable of controlling their greed and avarice, they cannot even look after their population with the billions of laws and regulations on board. Another demonstration on how a country can so screw up the basics and also what level of incompetence that is readily encouraged and promoted via the leftist stupidity of political correctness and the world owing you a living, mentality. Under worked and overpaid is not a good idea as always more is demanded as well as over paying benefits instigated by left wing lunatics in some hope of "feeling" good about themselves. A country cannot keep dishing up extras without it being held accountable sooner than later and both those countries, Italy, Greece and Spain may finally realise the stupidity of their following both the Green utopia as well as the leftist moronic attitude of subsidising every citizen from the cradle to the grave.

Faulty instruments on doomed Costa Concordia ship

THE Italian cruise ship which crashed in January killing 32 people was reportedly sailing with its sealed doors open, unapproved maps and faulty instruments.
Some of the technical apparatus on board the Costa Concordia had been broken since January 9 - four days before the tragedy on the Italian island of Giglio, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported, citing leaked documents from the inquiry.
The report quoted a response from ship owner Costa Crociere saying that it was not aware the sealed doors were open, that the maps were the captain's responsibility and that the glitches did not stop the ship from sailing.
A court hearing is due on July 21 at which the full results of technical analysis will be revealed. Captain Francesco Schettino and eight others including three executives from Costa Crociere are under investigation.
The giant ship hit rocks off Giglio on the night of January 13 with 4229 people from dozens of countries on board.
Schettino is accused of delaying the evacuation and then abandoning ship before everyone had been rescued.
The black box was also reportedly out of action at the time of the impact, meaning investigators have to rely on a computer that was switched off at 11.36 pm and may never be able to piece together the exact events of that night.

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