Monday, 30 July 2012

Global Warming: The Farce. Temperature Stations Wrong.

Follow the distortions, the lies, the mis-information and the people involved.

It does not matter how big the lies are or how many people are involved in the fraud. The truth will eventually out those who have maliciously and intendedly deceived the public and they should be facing charges for their deliberate deceptions.

There is now no excuse for the "Global Warming" hysteria to even exist, for anyone to utter those same lies and exaggerations, as they have been for so long. It is now way too embarrassing for anyone to utter the AGW lies as it will single them out as being part of that conspiracy as well as being part of the team that was solely interested in filling their pockets with taxpayer's loot, under false pretenses. They should be roundly ashamed and bought to justice. The entire saga is a total and complete disgrace to all involved.

New study shows half of the global warming in the USA is artificial

PRESS RELEASE – U.S. Temperature trends show a spurious doubling due to NOAA station siting problems and post measurement adjustments.

Chico, CA July 29th, 2012 – 12 PM PDT – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
A comparison and summary of trends is shown from the paper. Acceptably placed thermometers away from common urban influences read much cooler nationwide:

A reanalysis of U.S. surface station temperatures has been performed using the recently WMO-approved Siting Classification System devised by METEO-France’s Michel Leroy. The new siting classification more accurately characterizes the quality of the location in terms of monitoring long-term spatially representative surface temperature trends. The new analysis demonstrates that reported 1979-2008 U.S. temperature trends are spuriously doubled, with 92% of that over-estimation resulting from erroneous NOAA adjustments of well-sited stations upward. The paper is the first to use the updated siting system which addresses USHCN siting issues and data adjustments.
The new improved assessment, for the years 1979 to 2008, yields a trend of +0.155C per decade from the high quality sites, a +0.248 C per decade trend for poorly sited locations, and a trend of +0.309 C per decade after NOAA adjusts the data. This issue of station siting quality is expected to be an issue with respect to the monitoring of land surface temperature throughout the Global Historical Climate Network and in the BEST network.
Today, a new paper has been released that is the culmination of knowledge gleaned from five years of work by Anthony Watts and the many volunteers and contributors to the SurfaceStations project started in 2007.

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