Saturday, 21 July 2012

Step Up for your NEW $28,000, Enhanced Girlfriend.

One could imagine what it would be like whenever one took one of these fake-a-trons out for a quick feed, a quick spin on the dance floor and jumped into the sheets with one of em!

That would be scary. Fake tits that wobble like a water bottles, with the feel factor of a genuine coke. The anatomy would be chemically enhanced with colorants including those emollients that strip the skin of it's normal feel and introduce that new "feels like Lycra" imitation..

Don't touch the mouth whatever you do as that just cost thousands to get the shape they are right now and any tension or touch might disrupt the shape, even thought the feel would be akin to sucking on a sausage wrapped in glad wrap. Oh and by the way, sex is out as that would leave marks, sweaty or otherwise, so forget that!!

Brain numbing reality programs is as pretentious as one can ever imagine. It would be impossible to do a farcical imitation of this irrelevant trash as it would just be a copy of what it is they already do..

One has to wonder how fake and offensive these women have to get to finally get the message that no one in their right mind would have a bar to do with their fake and disingenuous behaviour and nature. They have become clones of the Kardashians and Towies in the UK. But far more repulsive. One wonders what the aim of all this pretense is supposed to be apart from appealing to one's own over inflated and chemically damaged reality.

True cost of looking like Sophie Kalantzis from Ten's Reality show The Shire

The Shire Sophie from The Shire at Cronulla Beach. Picture: Tim Hunter Source: The Sunday Telegraph IT costs a lot to look like this. The Shire's Sophie Kalantzis, 27, made no secret of her obsession with plastic surgery during the first episode of the new Ten reality show last Monday night, so we thought we'd calculate just how much the brunette beauty specialist has spent. She had two boob jobs, each costing about $10,000 while her regular Botox treatments cost between $600 and $1200 a visit. Her pillowy lips cost between $500-$700 every three months and her hair extensions cost $4000 a year. Kalantzis also admits to using a fat cavitation treatment and radio frequency on her legs that costs about $450. All up her plastic surgery bill would be more than $28,500. Staying with The Shire, local residents from the area were vocal about their disgust at the show, but figures reveal they watched its premiere in droves.

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