Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Robot. Four Meters Tall, Weight Four Tonnes.

I may have been watching too many Terminator movies, as the sight of this thing would frighten the crap out of anyone let alone me, let alone any fan of SkyNet. Freaky or what !!
A JAPANESE electronics company has unveiled a 4m super-robot that can be controlled by an iPhone. But be careful with the jokes if you are phoning in instructions, as the robot, made by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Tokyo, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "trigger-happy". "Kuratas" is fitted with a futuristic weapons system, including a Gatling gun capable of shooting 6000 BB bullets a minute, which fires when the pilot in its one-man cockpit smiles. The four-tonne robot is going on sale for £900,000 ($1.35 million), but you will have to pay extra for the cupholder. The robot can be operated either through a pilot, who mans the controls in a cockpit in its chest cavity, or remotely using the touchscreen of any smartphone connected to the 3G network.


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