Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Carbon Tax: Australian Labor Government Stupidity.

 It's not Australia that needs a carbon tax, It's China who should be reducing theirs. One does wonder where that stupidity in Gillard's Labor government is derived from. Not only has the Australian Labor Government sold it's soul for thirty pieces of silver, it has and continues to steal ever more from taxpayers under false and obvious dishonest guises.

Take a look at the differences between the pollution in China (NO CARBON TAX) and Sydney in Australia (A $23per Ton Carbon Tax). Have a good, clear look at the difference and now have a think about the stupidity of the Labor government, influenced by their marxist Green partners in the Government and wonder whether or not those children in charge have any idea as to what they are doing.

Andrew Bolt

Reader Julian and his wife were in Beijing last week and Sydney the week before. Julian asks:
One of these countries recently introduced a carbon tax to reduce pollution. Guess who..?

The top image is in China, the second is in Sydney with the Opera House behind. Now who needs the carbon tax more ?

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