Saturday, 28 July 2012

IPCC: Living the IPCC Lies..

Donna Laframboise touring Australia and filling the local population in on the fraud that the IPCC is. Not only has it lied, cheated and spread the AGW scaremongering as being true and real. They have also employed Global Warming fanatics and hypocrites from the WWF as well as Greenpeace. It has been demonstrated that 30% or more of the chapters in the 2007 IPCC release on climate change was written by people employed and associated by NGOs like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund.

The lies and misinformation those people have propagated and promoted must be investigated and the culprits bought to justice. Those self-serving criminals do not deserve the legal equivalence of innocent until proven guilty as Donna's book has already clearly demonstrated beyond doubt that they were party to the great Global Warming Hoax and should pay for their criminality.

The public are still paying for those lies while ignorant governments still introduce ludicrous laws and taxation that these people have frightened everyone into. They are criminals of the worst kind as they were well aware of what they were doing and deliberately continued and promoted their scam on the world's population.

Donna Laframboise Melbourne

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