Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The God Particle:: Higgs Boson.

The wrongly named "God Particle" demonstrate pure vanity from scientists involved ofcourse. We were introduced to that particle in some movie where the understanding of it and generation of it, determined part of the plot. The vanity involved is ofcourse encouraged by the thought that the created is actually smarter and cleverer than the creator. There is a verse somewhere in the good book that states precisely that. All is vanity, it states. Indeed, it appears to be just that but here we finally have a scientific breakthrough that demonstrates the great ability and capacity of the human mind and some scientists. A theory which and as usual, was mocked and ridiculed as being ludicrous only to be demonstrated so far as being an actual fact.

So what does the discovery do besides increase the level of vanity. Not really much at all, it just answers another question that needed answering, so the next step could be pursued.

 Does it actually expose or demonstrate the "God Particle", we will only know that at our demise.

Higgs boson: Prof Stephen Hawking loses $100 bet

When Peter Higgs first proposed that an invisible field strewn across space gave mass to the building blocks of the universe, the theory was ridiculed by some of the most respected minds of the time.

What has been found?
Both of the Cern teams have announced the discovery of a new particle which is consistent with theories about the Higgs Boson. Although they haven’t proven it is definitely a Higgs, there is little doubt in most experts’ minds that the sought-after particle has indeed been unearthed at last.
What does it mean?
Finding the Higgs Boson proves the existence of the Higgs Field, a force which provides fundamental particles - the building blocks of the Universe - with their mass. Without mass they would simply zip around the cosmos at the speed of light and never form into stars and planets. It is also the last missing cornerstone of the Standard Model of Physics, which explains what the Universe is composed of.
Will it have any practical applications?
Immediately, no. The purpose of the research was simply to uncover one of the Universe’s great mysteries and further our understanding of science. But experts firmly believe it will be of paramount importance in future research which could provide new breakthroughs

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