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Mark Steyn on the Forces of Tolerance.

Mark Steyn can be counted on, to at least, tell the truth and stand on some principles, which ofcourse left wingers find impossible to comprehend. Take for example the lunacy regarding Chick-a-fil restaurants and the owners confession that he stands for the family and marriage between a man and a women. An attitude which is apparently now VERBOTTEN in the left wing morality free attitude.

Their longing to promote gays, lesbians and other nefarious behaviour has to be shoved down the throats of everyone. It is not a matter of tolerance, it is now a matter of politics. To the left wing mentality which claim that tolerance is their bicycle of pride, but that carries their hypocrisy, they have demonstarted that that tolerance is only tolerated is one thinks the same way their mindless mentality operates. It's all or nothing, you are for us or you will be attacked and slaughtered just like in George Orwell's "1984" book, which was supposed to be a work of fiction but has become the left wingers bible on how to force people to behalf the same way they do. You know the routine, shoot off at the mouth about anything totally and completely ludicrous and then force everyone else to follow or else threaten their life, family, their job or worse.

This has nothing to do with tolerance but a lot to do with anarchy.

Mark Steyn: Don't cross the forces of tolerance

The city's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, agrees with the Alderman: Chick-fil-A does not represent "Chicago values" – which is true if by "Chicago values" you mean machine politics, AIDS-conspiracy-peddling pastors and industrial-scale black youth homicide rates. But, before he was mayor, Rahm Emanuel was President Obama's chief of staff. Until the president's recent "evolution," the Obama administration held the same position on gay marriage as Chick-fil-A. Would Alderman Moreno have denied Barack Obama the right to open a chicken restaurant in the First Ward? Did Rahm Emanuel quit the Obama administration on principle? Don't be ridiculous. Mayor Emanuel is a former ballet dancer, and when it's politically necessary he can twirl on a dime.
Meanwhile, fellow mayor Tom Menino announced that Chick-fil-A would not be opening in his burg anytime soon. "If they need licenses in the city, it will be very difficult," said His Honor. If you've just wandered in in the middle of the column, this guy Menino isn't the mayor of Soviet Novosibirsk or Kampong Cham under the Khmer Rouge, but of Boston, Mass. Nevertheless, he shares the commissars' view that in order to operate even a modest and politically inconsequential business it is necessary to demonstrate that one is in full ideological compliance with party orthodoxy. "There is no place for discrimination on Boston's Freedom Trail," Mayor Menino thundered in his letter to Mr. Cathy, "and no place for your company alongside it." No, sir. On Boston's Freedom Trail, you're free to march in ideological lockstep with the city authorities – or else. Hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Massachusetts was a beacon of liberty: the shot heard round the world, and all that. Now it fires Bureau of Compliance permit-rejection letters round the world.

Boring Bama, you did not make that torch go out, did you ?

And if that does not convince about the obvious hypocrisy and hate. Have a gander at this one...
Let us not forget the mighty New York Times as well as the New Yorker, harbouring lying journalists, now that would almost be interesting except they have been harbouring them for as long as I can remember. The New York Times with the New Yorker is not any paper of record, it's the propoganda arm of the Democratic Party in the US. Another hypocritical example of their inanity and flagrant bias, dangled with lies and flagrant hypocrisy.

It is all a circus, pass the popcorn..

New Yorker staff writer Jonah Lehrer quits the magazine:

Mr. Lehrer faced new questions about his work on Monday in an article in the online magazine Tablet that reported that he had admitted to fabricating quotes attributed to Bob Dylan in “Imagine,” a nonfiction book published in March by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
It’s alright, ma. He’s only lying.

“Three weeks ago, I received an email from journalist Michael Moynihan asking about Bob Dylan quotes in my book ‘Imagine,’ “ Mr. Lehrer said in a statement. “The quotes in question either did not exist, were unintentional misquotations, or represented improper combinations of previously existing quotes. But I told Mr. Moynihan that they were from archival interview footage provided to me by Dylan’s representatives. This was a lie spoken in a moment of panic. When Mr. Moynihan followed up, I continued to lie, and say things I should not have said.”
The full title of Lehrer’s book: Imagine: How Creativity Works.

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