Monday, 30 July 2012

The Australian Labour Party Denial Methodology at Work.

Never before has such complete and total incompetence ever wielded the office of Prime minister than Gillard and her bunch of misanthropes. Never before has any government before been relegated to such low voter numbers and all because of what they claim is a reformist agenda. Bullshit, it is not any where near any reformists agendas, as these clones and drones are incapable of performing even the most simplest task of running a political office. Every thing they touch, they screw up, ever effort they make turns into a farce of gigantic proportions and every word they utter has to be fed through a lie detector as they appear to be incapable of telling the truth, about anything.

Not only is this government installed by Unions in Australia, funded by unions, they are union members and have never ever had any experience in running a business and they deny input from families or businesses. After witnessing how totally and completely corrupt those unions are, stealing millions of dollars from members, as has been demonstrated already. The den of thieves also decide who will be in power and they have selected the incompetant and robotic Gillard as their very latest leader. Gillard has been implicated as being a intimate friend and solicitor in the office of the Union thief who stole over half a million dollars and has not been charged or faced court or paid a single cent of it back.

Unions are totally corrupt and the Australian Labour Party draws members from those unions and then claim to be working for all Australians. We can only see them working for themselves, enriching themselves every way possible and corrupting the entire society in it's process. They are an absolute disgrace.

I would not trust these clown to organise a piss-up in a brewery as they would screw that up as well.

Govt is 'losing some paint', Conroy says

Cabinet minister Stephen Conroy has admitted the Gillard government has suffered in the polls because of its reform agenda.
The minister was commenting on a report that Australia's ambassador to the United States Kim Beazley told American politicians that Labor could be left with a meagre 30 seats after the next general election.
The briefing was attended by representatives from the Democrat and Republican parties, state and defence department officials, industry representatives and media from both countries, News Limited papers reported on Tuesday.
The briefing was part of the annual four-day Australian American Leadership dialogue earlier in July.
Senator Conroy acknowledged the government faced a challenge in turning the polls around.
"We've got a situation where the government is introducing major reforms and we are losing some paint," he told ABC Television.
The main challenge for the government was to explain why it was introducing reforms such as the national broadband network, the carbon tax and a national disability insurance scheme.
"But we're determined to keep making the right decisions (by) doing the right thing by Australia," Senator Conroy said.
But Trade Minister Craig Emerson doubts whether Mr Beazley actually made the comments.
"I wasn't at the lunch (but) I've just spoken to someone who was," he told Sky News.
"He didn't hear any such statement."
The discussions were supposed to be confidential, the minister said.
"This is the second breach of that confidentiality," he said, referring to a report that Vice-President Joe Biden had mistakenly referred to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as "prime minister" at another meeting in the US.

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