Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Cooling Planet and the CO2 Reduction.

As the Global Warming hysteria increases to a crescendo, it appears that all their fake and false claims are all but exposed, once again.

Amazing Shale: US CO2 Emissions Plummet Towards 1990 Levels

by John Hanger (via The GWPF)
America’s carbon emissions may drop back close to 1990 levels this year. That result would have been thought impossible, even at the end of 2011. But the shale gas revolution makes a reality of many things recently thought impossible. Shale gas production has slashed carbon emissions and saved consumers more than $100 billion per year. Truly astonishing!
For US energy-related carbon emissions, fuel switching to gas is back to the future.  After the first quarter, the USA’s 2012 emissions are falling sharply again and may drop to 1990 levels, or just slightly above that important milestone, according to data in EIA’s latest Monthly Energy Review.

 As you can see on the above graph, Shale is the most affective alternative to the ever decreasing level of all those nasty CO2 molecules that the environmentalists have been blaming all along. It would appear that not only are levels decreasing but we won't be barbequed in our sleep overnight. Is that not great. Catastrophic Global hysterics would sensibly be a claim of the past and all those models that have been claiming otherwise are just another joke.

Too bad the CAGW Labour Government in Australia have not got the message yet as they have just introduced the highest "Carbon" tax on the Planet which will do absolutely NOTHING to cool the planet. It appears to be cooling down itself as the SUN goes into a cold period and will do until at least 2035.

The Sun has changed its character

Guest post by David Archibald
A number of solar parameters are weak, and none is weaker than the Ap Index:

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