Saturday, 28 July 2012

How Lefties Murder Children and Destroy the World.

Left Wing Lunatics favourite Emblem.
Two rousing examples of the stupidity of left wing lunatics. They will adhere to their own stupidity even at the cost of the lives of their children. They are murderers, it is that simple. They distrust medical knowledge and know how by listening to some other lunatic who has no previous medical experience besides her feelings. Another great win for liberal stupidity and another life lost due to their very own ignorance. What a mentality and how stupid and ignorant does one have to be in order to kill your own offspring. This is an absolute disgrace and the blame for the death is on the so called "Home birther"expert and both parents. They are going to have to live with precisely that.

Stupidity kills children too.

Two days later, the hospital removes the ventilator from the infant so he can be taken home to be with his family. He dies that night, on October 9, 2011, the latest in a string of home-birth deaths across Australia.
The South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions has launched an investigation into Barrett's involvement with the three fatal home births. Her website has vanished.

This is self-described "international homebirth advocate" Lisa Barrett.

Entrusting a potentially fatal medical procedure to a dreadlocked hippy. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh wait, there is more. This level of stupidity does not just appear, it is actual educated and taught to these morons..
Idiots are born every day but a left wing nutjob has to actually read, study, comprehend and learn their blatant stupidity.While they are at it, convince others to undertake and practice hat they preach. As long as they get paid and nothing happens to them, they're happy.

Another Guaranteed Bestseller

Antony Loewenstein has released another book. The reviews are in:
The Australian:
Left Turn: Political Essays for the New Left (MUP), edited by Antony Loewenstein and Jeff Sparrow, contains the predictable far Left claptrap railing against capitalism, praising the Occupy Wall Street movement, calling for more union strikes and industrial "combat", recognising Australia's inherent racism, supporting the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel, and of course, attacking the "Murdoch empire".
Sounds like his blog plus a bit of cardboard and a couple of staples.

According to the poster for the launch, It includes "passionate and challenging contriburionts bu a diverse range of writers". Yes, reading anything by Loewenstein is challenging. Who are these diverse writers? "From Larissa Berendhg and Christos Tsiolkas to Guy Rundle and Lee Rhiannon". Such diversity! Males and females...

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