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Climate Change: Just a mention, gets you a Grant.

The photoshopped polar bear on dimishing ice. CAGW lies..
The entire CAGW theory and it's hallucinatory projections appears to be at an all time high. All that is required to receive taxpayers dollars is to include the words "climate change" and heh, presto, here's the money.

This level of stupidity is unsurpassed, the lies and exaggerations just keep on coming and it's the Labor Government under major lunatic Gillard and those whacko marxist Greens who are promoting precisely that great lie.

One wonders what level of ignorance and hysteria one has to approach and foster in order to inhale all that drivel, what level of soul selling is involved and also how does one reach such a level of dishonesty. Hopefully some day in the future, those charlatans will be exposed for the charlatans they really are and are forced to repay those tax dollars which should have gone to schools and hospitals and the odd road in bad state of repair.

Andrew Bolt

July 25 2012 (8:15am)

How do you get a grant from the Australian Research Council? Just add the words “climate change” to your otherwise undistinguished grant application. Philippa Martyr demonstrates the extremes some researchers have gone to - and been rewarded for:

Civil Engineering: “This project will develop innovative light gauge steel roofing systems with considerably increased wind resistance and reliable design rules for cold-formed steel codes worldwide. It will contribute to the Australian government’s goal of increasing building resilience against future extreme and more frequent wind events caused by climate change.” ($320,000)
Political Science: “Commonsense says that claims about how social and political life ought to be arranged must not make infeasible demands. This project will investigate this piece of commonsense and explore its implications for a number of pressing issues, such as climate change, multiculturalism, political participation, inequality, historical justice, and the rules of war.” ($408,587)
Psychology: “Climate change represents a moral challenge to humanity, and one that elicits high levels of emotion. This project examines how emotions and morality influence how people send and receive messages about climate change, and does so with an eye to developing concrete and do-able strategies for positive change.” ($197,302)

Journalism and Professional Writing: “This project will examine the use of news management or ‘spin’ by Australian governments. Is it a legitimate tool of government in the face of a hyper-adversarial news media or a technique which undermines democracy? It will examine ‘spin’ in connection with policies on climate change, economic policy, indigenous policy and asylum seekers policy.” ($95,000)

Literary Studies: “The project will devise and develop a new ‘cultural materialist’ paradigm for science fiction studies and apply it to a case study of science fictional representations of catastrophe, especially nuclear war, plague and extreme climate change.” ($239,000)

Read on for more astonishing examples from the great green gravy train. UPDATE
Digging deeper, we find the winner of the journalism grant is former communist turned journalism academic David McKnight, who earlier received nearly $200,000 - or $3 a word - to write a predictably hostile book on Rupert Murdoch.
Dr Roberto Soria was onto this earlier this year (along with JoNova):
And by the way, number of winning projects that propose to test whether climate change is real or catastrophic: zero. The climate-change industry has really become a monster out of control.

Some of those projects would not have got a cent, if the government wasn’t under the influence of this collective hallucination.

There’s a whole parasitic class of academics who make a good living off the catastrophic climate change myth, and the larger this class grows, the more difficult it will be to burst the bubble. Anyway, just in case you think this is just sour grapes, it is not. I actually won a grant myself this round, and it is one of the few projects that will do absolutely nothing for or against climate change But I am sad to see so much research money wasted for nothing.
JoNova has had cause to chide McKnight for his writing on global warming:
Here’s a UNSW “Senior Research Fellow” in journalism who contradicts himself, fails by his own reasoning, does little research, breaks at least three laws of logic, and rests his entire argument on an assumption that he provides no evidence for.

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