Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Julia Gillard: Julianary - Bogan Voice and Speech.

Julia Gillard cowtowing to the Marxist Greens to stay in power. Worst PM ever recorded.

One does have to wonder how a complete cretin like Gillard was put into power by those clones in charge of the Labour Party in Australia. Never before have we had such a utter, total and complete disaster as a prime minister. One that is that clueless as to be of the vacant believe that it is doing exactly opposite to what she claims she is doing.

One would imagine that an adult would be vacant of behaving like a complete child, blame all her cock ups on other people like the opposition leader, introduce policies that are actively killing people (boat people, Insulation debacle) and then make the claim that it is not some utter and complete cretin. Her behaviour states otherwise and so does every time it opens it's mouth.

If you have ever listed to this female, your first response would be to turn off the sound before it's inane mumblings start causing auditory damage, if not psychological harm. It prides itself with the speech pattern of a bogan, that would be an uneducated low life incapable of proper speech but still possesses the Aussie twang. Emphasising the Aussie slang and drag it lower than having to listen to Liberace or some other inane boring stocatto. Pain does not go anywhere near describing it.

So here is an example of what it actually sounds like when it opens it's mouth and attempts at trying to sound intelligent.


Tim Blair Wednesday, July 04, 2012 (5:44am)

The latest official Prime Ministerial pronunciations, from Julia Gillard’s speech in Darwin following meetings with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhyono (whose name helpfully avoids an incorporated “t"):
• “Stabilidy” The meetings were crucial to regional stabilidy.
• “Siddy” Darwin is a siddy, just like Launcesdon or Fremandle.
• “Caddle” Indonesia would welcome greater Australian investment in its caddle industry. And presumably also in industries involving raddle snakes and cuddle fish.
• “Contribuded” Everybody contribuded great ideas.
• “Delighded” They were all delighded by the Prime Minisder’s whimsical speaking sdyle.
• “See one thirdy” Australia will donate two See One Thirdy aircraft so that Indonesia can better monidor its coasdline.
• “Abilidy” Julia Gillard lacks a certain communication abilidy.

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