Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Age, More Comedy on AGW and the Arctic Ice.

Gillard: Spreading the Carbon Tax, just to stay in Power. taxing Aussies into poverty.

Two great things about this post from Here, one is that it covers two of my favourite topics, which are the juvenile antics of the Australian "The Age" newspaper, a fantasy, pretend fish and chips wrapper which promotes it's favourite hysterical topic of AGW, it really stands for "another great w..k". They believe it is an actual, genuine, serious topic, that they can use to demonstrate how on the boil they really are. It's more comedy than journalism ofcourse, but they pretend otherwise.

Always Hot In The Cubby House

THE SILLY’S little green imp Ben Cubby keeps the faith – the faith in cherrypicking, that is. The Arctic is melting, he tells readers, advising that the cracking pace at which ice is vanishing represents “the impact of warmer air and water temperatures” which “can be directly measured”.
Yes, it can be directly measured – as it was back in March, when ice levels were up and nudging the 1980s average. Somehow, perhaps because he was too busy being a carbon-tax supporting quality journalist, the easily distracted Cubby neglected to mention that little fact.

WUWT has all the charts, some of which show declines while others describe increases. Fairfax shares should be so lucky.

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