Wednesday, 4 July 2012

China: Ghost Cities just like North Korea.

China playing it's usual communist joke. They control the money and do whatever they like.

It would appear to be the case that in order to be a communist, a communist sympathiser or enabler, just make sure your brain does not engage and just follow their inane stupidity. Follow orders regardless of whether or not they fall within the realm of comprehension or understanding. Logic has been thrown out the door in that doctrine so far back as to be non-existent, as we have already seen in Russia and North Korea, blatant stupidity the communist regime demonstrated there appears to be the norm.

Only communist regimes can justify this level of incompetence and claim that it is a great idea.

One would imagine that cities are built to house people, not in China or North Korea ofcourse. That would be way too practical, That would make sense, so scrap that idea. Why not build cities and just leave them empty while millions of people grovelling in poverty are not even sure where their next meal is coming from or how long they will last in their current hovel, in the freezing cold of winter or the stench and grime of summer. It would just be way too difficult to move those people in there. Le's keep it empty as it will be easier to manage. You may have seen "Yes Minister" as well, eh!

Ghost Cities in China.

More eerie 'ghost cities' popping up

Shocking photographs reveal towns completely devoid of people

The city, Nova Cidade de Kilamba, was designed to hold up to a half million people and features 750 eight-story apartment buildings, 12 schools and more than 100 retail units, according to the report.
State-owned China International Trust and Investment Corporation reportedly took less than three years to build the city at a cost of $3.5 billion. It covers 12,355 acres.
BBC former Angola correspondent Louise Redvers reported that the discovered that the city’s buildings are completely empty.
The empty cities aren’t only in Africa.
WND and Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reported just last year that Google Earth photographs of China depict city after city of vast complexes consisting of office skyscrapers, government buildings, apartment buildings, residential towers and homes, all connected by networks of empty roads – with some of the cities located in China’s truly most inhospitable locations.

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