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The Olympics beginning to Suck ever more...

I use to enjoy the Olympics back a few years ago, when it was a combination of amateur athletes and politics was nowhere to be seen except ofcourse when those lunatics from communist countries got involved. They saw no issue with dragging children from the arms of their parents and drugging their population, forcing them into training regimes that you would not put an animal through, let alone a human being. But as with all those communist countries, the metal count was somehow a deciding factor on how superior their countries are or were, most have disappeared thank goodness. The East Germans were one of the worst, where we witnessed a former athlete stating that her life was completely destroyed by the drugs they forced down her throat in order to insure a dishonest win. This was before the drug tests arrived as that was becoming a major problem as well,

Peter Hitchens has a few things to say and I agree with some. Apart from the fact that the Olympics is now about greed, self promotion, selfishness, logos and advertising rights. One wonder if there is any room left for the athletes or their supporters or even their family members who have made it possible for the existence of the competitor in the first place. Where is the consideration for them, one may have to ask that now as members were told to bugger off from one venue even though there were plenty of empty seats available. A major cockup I know but one that is becoming more and more common as the Olympic gestapo go about ensuring that the local butcher takes down his five ringed sausage display as it infringes on the billions they hope to cream off the local sheeple.

28 July 2012 10:50 PM

Join the smiley Cult of the Five Circles? Sorry, but I have a democratic right to be bored (and I'm exercising it while I still can)

This is Peter Hitchens' Mail on Sunday column
AY90404066LONDON ENGLAND - Enthusiasm is compulsory only in totalitarian dictatorships. Anywhere else, we are free to be keen if we want to, and bored if we want to.
So I wish people would stop telling me that I should enjoy the Olympics, or be proud of them, or think that they will in some way benefit this country.
But they won’t stop telling me. Hardly a day goes by without another previously independent mind surrendering to this pseudo-religion of obligatory smiles.
And that makes me suspicious. What is this strange cult? In the end, the Olympics is nothing more than a large athletics meeting.
Before Hitler and Dr Goebbels made it into a torch-lit and grandiose spectacle, you could be in the same city as the Games and barely notice.
Are we really that interested? And if we are, are we interested for good reasons?

We have the other article as well 

What the Papers didn’t Say -and What They Did

Meanwhile, on the subject of the legitimacy and reasonableness of my view of the Olympic ceremony, let me quote to you from an article by Chris Blackhurst, a former colleague of mine, and no fool,  now Editor of the Independent newspaper. You can read the whole thing here.

Chris (who I do not think would describe himself as a man of the right)  said : ‘Did I think I was being preached to? Was I aware that the director was ramming his vision of a leftie Nirvana down all our throats? Yes to both. Did I mind? Not in the least’

He also conceded :’There could have been more use words, more acknowledgement of our contributions to the arts and our faith in individual liberty’(these are my principal complaints about what was lacking. But he added ’This was an occasion for television, more than those lucky enough to be present’.

He makes a curious comment about multiculturalism, mistaking it – as so many seem to do – for multiracialism, a wholly different thing. He said ‘swathes of the population, not those perhaps in the stockbroker belt or secure in their gated communities, those of different ethnic origin living side by side is how it is’. Let me say it again. Multiculturalism is nothing to do with race. It is to do with abandoning the idea of one unifying national culture to which all are expected to belong, and choosing instead to promote a series of solitudes with their backs turned upon each other (some readers say, trying to be clever, that we no longer have much of a British culture to offer, but that is precisely because we abandoned it so long ago). Those who have sought to defend a unified national culture have been, and are still being, smeared as racial bigots, when this is the opposite of the truth. I am sad, but not amazed, that this still needs to be explained.

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