Saturday, 28 July 2012

To Be A Lefty: Remove Reason and Common Sense.

One has to seriously look at the thinking processes that left wing lunatics use in order to generate another one of their "Who can we hate next" or even better still "Whose life can we destroy today" mentality. In order for anyone to produce any similar thinking processess akin to a left wing fruitcake, one only has to revert back to their own childhood. Back to those days when everything you did and ate and slept in, was conveniently just handed over with no expectation or gratitude.and just taken for granted. The child-like mind of those reprobates still serves them well enough as they grow into child-adult combination.

Most other normal people actually mature, grow up, learn and move on, but not the leftwingers. That would be unthinkable as life was just so easy back then and why should they want anything that would require -

a. To think.
b. Have to deal with problems.

Neither of those answers are suitable and are automatically rejected. For some outstanding examples of their stupidity, we do not have to look too far back. Well maybe a few centuries. The French Revolution is a prime example on how the sheeple can be manipulated and trained to behave like mindless, insane drones in order to murder over 15,000 people and claim it as being the actions of grownups. That is primarily where their moronic mentality started to get some traction as Marx and his fellow mass murderer, Engels have already demonstrated and utilised. they could see how easy it was and how easy it is to shape the mindless into their very own manipulators.

In order to get the sheeple interested and all exited, just tell them that it's all for their own benefit and they will be rewarded at the end with a new Utopia that will treat and furnish them with the answers to their most inate, selfish and animalistic desires. That is all it takes for those simpletons to pay abeyance to the monsters they have always claimed to being their heroes. Take that maniacal, murdering pshycopath "CHE" as a prime example of who not to worship, but they do. Such is the depth of their inbuilt stupidity that they do not ever bother to check out anyone they pay homage to and just listen to their indoctrinators so they do not have to waste any brain power, in order to actually decide things for themselves. Total, utter and complete morons the likes of which we can now witness in another marxist psychopath by the name of Obama.

On one interview just after that cretin was elected, one of the simpletons made the claim that Hussien O was going to pay for her petrol that she would use in her car for nothing, zero cost to her. Now one would have to wonder how the hell that simpleton came to that conclusion after listen to that marxist's inaugeral speech. Yes I know, selective hearing and an IQ equivelant to her boob size helps a plenty. But this is what we face now on a daily basis. Absolutely, totally and completely ignorant of all things in real life, totally pre-occupied with self, completely saturated with socialists nonsense and here we have the next generation of no hopers rising like the morning sun and looking for their spot in the Occupy Something line up.

Sadly a main part of the population have problems with what day it is or how to make their own breakfast and here they are involved in politics which they know absolutely nothing about. They make inane claims and noises that are aimed at their own version of narcisissm. Only their own well being and the assumed wellbeing of plants and animals are as important and screw everyone else.

It certainly is a shocking thing to witness and revisit as this same mentality is what brought about the second world war. Ignorance and stupidity fall hand in hand with anarchy and total, complete self interest. Especially when they are told that everyone got their riches the easy way but you have to suffer to get yours. So why not let the government give it all to you and all you have to do is just vote them back in and the tap will keep running right up until the country goes broke but that's another story.

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