Thursday, 16 August 2012

AWU and HSU Union has Some Explaining to do to Members.

It's that old saying at work, power corrupts and total power corrupts, totally. This is how and what the Unions in Australia have been doing for the last 30 years without so much as anyone lifting a finger to stop them, even when the facts were there in front of them, as well as the paper work as well as the  thieves themselves.

The AWU (Australian Workers Party) and the HSU (Health Services Union) have both been exposed as being totally corrupt and failing to do anything about the abuses that both Unions have encountered over the years. First there was evidence that showed that a $500,000 account had been setup, money coerced from companies and promptly stolen by members of the Union executives and spent on everything else besides Union business. Even Julia Gillard has been implicated in that crime but denies any wrongdoing ofcourse.

Next we have the HSU paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Thompson, a member of parliament and a former Union member. Money that he wasted by paying for prostitutes and every else besides HSU business also the head of the Union fisking the Union for millions is spare cash. Again, we have that just swept under the carpet and we are still waiting for those lazy public servants to get off their arse and actually perform their duty. Should hear more about that thievery later on as they are presumably digging, but we again wait.

From the AWU to the HSU, millions of dollars of unions members funds have been stolen. There have been no prosecutions, no Royal Commissions, and with the AWU - the media has been gagged. Now Michael Smith - a commentator courageous enough to put his job on the line - has been interviewed by CANdo, uncovering the scandal which has engulfed the trade union movement in Australia.

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