Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Zealand AGW Weather Fiddlers Now in Court.

Fiddling the results on NZ weather temps no in court.

The IPCC as well as other global warming scientists have been making grandiose claims about the Planet frying during our lifetime and deriving some of that information from the results manufactured in New Zealand. It has been demonstrated that the weather results from NZ are worse and even more bogus than Al Gore as well as the Hockey Shtick.

Currently they are in court fighting out the result of those manipulations and it does appear to be the case that the shannanigans continue as they try to hide or cover up their manipulated data as we have always expected.

Par for the course of the Global Warming Church is that one must be a compulsive, ignorant liar. As that apparently is all we ever hear and see presented as all else is conveniently hidden from view, stats are doctored and the faithful are told what they want to hear.. Criminals, the lot of them.

Kiwi sceptics in court.

The discredited NZ temperature record is in court as skeptics mount a legal challenge to the data tampering which has artificially created a warming signal. The NIWA record was vetted by the warmist  Aussie Bureau Of Meteorology but the adjustments must be a little strong even for the BOM as NIWA is refusing to release the report following established Team procedures used by Mann et al.
We wish our Kiwi cousins good luck. John O'Sullivan has the story:

New Zealand skeptics of man-made global warming score historic legal victory as discredited government climate scientists perform U-turn and refuse to allow a third party peer-review report of official temperature adjustments to be shown in court. Skeptic lawyers move for sanctions likely to prove fatal to government’s case.

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) are reeling after what may prove a fatally embarrassing admission that it is breaking a solemn undertaking given to parliament. NIWA had assured ministers that it would disclose a third party peer-reviewed report of its science for courtroom verification as part of its defense against a petition in the case of NZ Skeptics-v-NIWA.

NIWA’s decision renders an almighty self-inflicted wound to the government agency’s already dire credibility. But worse, the move will be regarded as contempt of court and thus permits the court to grant the plaintiff’s motions for punitive sanctions, including summary judgment. As such, this would bring a swift victory for skeptics with profound legal ramifications around the world. In the sparsely-measured southern hemisphere the New Zealand climate data is critical to claims about a verified global temperature record.

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