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UPDATE: Vogue Magazine: Rose in the Desert, Joan Juliet Buck.

Al Assad, dictator and mass murderer.

I would have been just as disgusted as everyone else who read that bit of Syrian propaganda in the Vogue Magazine 17 months back. It was the worst bit of pro Al-Assad propaganda I have ever seen and that covers a lot of territory. The blatant attempt of trying to raise the public perspective of these murderers is absolutely inexcusable but here we have the author crying, weeping and gnashing her teeth claiming that in actual fact, she is the victim.

Poor, poor, pitiful me.

Her claim that she was against the publishing of the article is just a load of cods-wallop, if not a downright lie. Now that the Al-Assad family is responsible for murdering defenseless families including children, they finally admit that, well, maybe, just maybe they should not have published that trash. But actual confession is gone as they have erased the article from the Vogue site for the cowards they are. The entire article is an absolute disgrace and no one word about it's deletion.

There were also other people lining up with the Al-Assad assassins ofcourse, who would prefer if they could, to just melt into the wood work -
 Besides, as she notes, she was taking a road to Damascus already trodden by such pioneers as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Kerry, Sting, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Francis Coppola; as well as a public relations firm hired by the Assads, Brown Lloyd James (which took care of her Syria visa).
All left wing lunatics as usual who have no idea of what they are doing let alone demonstrate any capacity of ever learning from their abhorent ignorance and stance in favour of those murdering lunatics.

As usual we have those false and fake do-gooders laying claim to being even more enlightened than everyone else because they went out of their way to, you know, get touchy and feely. It is how they justify their stupid, ridiculous behaviour. How else could associating with a dictator and murderer be explained.

The murdering dictator's family, Say hello to the Al Assads.

It’s now 17 months since Vogue published its cover-story paean to the first lady of Syria, “Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert.” Readers were treated to a profile of Asma up close, “the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies,” a dazzling paragon of understated style and philanthropic works, “on a mission to create a beacon of secularism and culture in a powder-keg region — and to put a modern face on her husband’s regime.” Asma, “glamorous, young and very chic,” was featured playing with her kids, whipping up home-cooked fondue with her jeans-clad husband, “the off-duty president,” and urging millions of Syrian youth to engage in “active citizenship.”
That was February of 2011. The following month, Syrians began engaging in a lot more active citizenship than the Assad regime evidently had in mind, rising in rebellion against the dynastic tyranny in Damascus. For 16 months now, abetted by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Syrian regime has been fighting back — with heavy weapons, arrests, torture and butchery, mutilating and murdering even children. To date, an estimated 19,000 or more Syrians have been slaughtered, and the killing continues.
Now, at long last, comes a recantation of sorts from the author of Vogue‘s “Rose in the Desert,” Joan Juliet Buck.  To call it a full-throated apology would be inaccurate. Buck appears genuinely appalled by the carnage with which the Assad regime itself so swiftly and utterly discredited her labors to give it a fashion-plate human face. But her deeper sympathies seem reserved for herself, and her woefully bad luck that her Asma profile — which closed with President Bashar al-Assad, surrounded by singing children, ringing a peace bell —  came out just before the monstrous character of the Assad regime hove into full view in the international headlines. (After a blitz of criticism last year, Vogue scrubbed the article from its web site, though you can still find a copy here.)


The Desert Rose Affair Returns

Closer inspection does not improve things for Vogue.

By Jonathan Foreman

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