Saturday, 4 August 2012

The World according to Cate Blanchett.

Whaaaaa!!! we are going to be BBQd in a thousand years time

One wonder why Blanchett behaves like a typical blonde, assuming it did not come out of a bottle ofcourse. Blanchett is another one of those preachers in the Church of Global Warming, following the Gospel of Gore. One that now stands that discredited that not even the temperature they have relied on can even be verified as being correct or untouched or even manipulated.
Blanchett lined up for the Carbon Tax and Global warming ads the Gillard Government rammed down the throats of the population. They needed some "starlet" to promote their inane drivel and there she was, all ready and willing to toss her hat in with the Biggest Hoax the World have ever seen or witnessed or paid for.

But Blanchett will not be sidelined or misdirected as she is so determined and so completely sure that everyone will eventually fry in their beds overnight or be BBQd because as we all know she ain't no scientist but that is ofcourse besides the point. Her only claim to fame is the odd movie made in left wing Hollywood where indoctrination into their stupidity is mandatory. Cate demonstrates that well.

 More drones to the lies.


Tim Blair Wednesday, June 01, 2011 (4:44am)

“Everything that is wrong with the human race.” – Cate Blanchett’s opinion of leaf blowers, October 2007.
“The arts binds communities, it liberates demons, it challenges authorities, warms our hearts and cools our tempers.’’ – but it can’t get leaves off your driveway. Cate speaks out in 2008.
“He liked talking to blonde artists, he said, because they existed just a fraction ahead of culture.” – at the 2020 Summit, Cate recalls a previous meeting with President Bill Clinton.
“The arts operate at the core of human identity and existence.” – Cate in 2010. Employment is probably important, too.
“Our job is to change reality, to challenge it, not prove it and explain it.” – Cate can sometimes be difficult to understand.

Cate consults expert reality-changer Peter Garrett

“We change people’s lives, at the risk of our own. We change countries, governments, history, gravity. After gravity, culture is the thing that holds humanity in place, in an otherwise constantly shifting and, let’s face it, tiny outcrop in the middle of an infinity of nowhere.” – according to Cate, without culture (and, credit where it’s due, gravity) we’d be floating around like fungus spores.
‘’It’s in the mind of the artist the future is imagined. You say that loudly in this country, and you sound pretentious …” – oh, hardly at all, Cate. Honestly.
“Finally doing something about climate change.” – Cate’s line in the controversial “Say Yes” carbon tax promotion.
“Cate Blanchett has dismissed attacks by Tony Abbott and other opponents of a carbon price, saying she will continue to do all she can to tackle climate change.” – Cate isn’t backing down, the SMH reports.
“Blanchett hits the big stage in Britain.” – on May 26, Reuters announces that Cate will fly to London for a major theatre production next year. Still doing all she can to tackle climate change.

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