Thursday, 9 August 2012

Solar and Wind Generation: Fail when needed the Most.

Windmill FAIL.

For those of you who feel good about reducing power generation, how would it feel if you were responsible for the actual deaths of people, due to your own ignorance ?

The majority of environmentalists are major hypocrites as we all already are well aware. Their environmental sensitivities stops at the front gate or at the airport gate. The hypocrisy also reigns when building a house, those fraudulent environmentalists claim to want to stop power usage and save trees, actually render more of both just to build themselves some over sized shelter. You will find plenty of timber in the entire design and structure as well as loads of products like brick, concrete and others being used in it's construction. They will also have major room for their over sized SUV ofcourse. But it's okay because they recycle, that is just enough to salve their hypocritical conscience while at the same time, demand reductions in power generation right up until their newly built establishment is in the dark. Only at that time do they see things clearly, one can only hope.

The massive hypocrisy is palpable and real, their pretentious lives survives on these fake and artificial feel-good efforts that will in the long term be the death of thousands of people just like Ethanol has starved people to death and the removal of using DDT under a false claim that it harmed people continues to kill millions of people from malaria. I certainly hope those environmentalist are still feeling good about themselves as all I see in them is mass murderers and flagrant introducer of pain and suffering to people around the globe. You are really pathetic and I sincerely hope that what you fight for comes back and bites you extremely hard, that would be poetic justice in the first degree.

Below is a graph that demonstrates how efficient Solar and Wind Power is in regards to the load that is required for people to function normally and properly, with the demand met. Both of those items FAIL when needed the most.

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Wind power not coming through for California – power alert issued by the CAISO

RoyFOMR says:
August 9, 2012 at 6:22 pm

24 hours in Ca.
Three stable renewable-power sources; Geothermal, Small Hydro and Biomass producing a total power of circa 1500 Mw.
Two fluctuating power-technologies (wind and solar) that together cumulatively produce a maximum of 1900 Mw at 1 a.m. to a minimum of roughly 6-700 Mw at 8 am.
Let’s call that 1500 + (1900+700)/2 Mw average capacity -> 2800 Mw ranging from 3400 Mw to 2200 Mw throughout the course of a day (+/- 21% of mean).
That’s a pretty wide range to keep on top of but, luckily, using Anthony’s link to CAISO this is a small fraction of ‘current’ demand of roughly 36000 Mw with a capacity of 50000 Mw at hand comprising some 47000 Mw of non-renewable power ( 94% ).
If we take the used capacity as non-renewables/ total demand as (36000-2800)/36000 we still get a creditable 92% as coming from ‘non-green approved’ sources.
This is all good news, so far, for Ca residents and manufacturers alike but there’s bad news looming.

Double the amount of wind and solar, reduce current stable-baseload generators to comply with new green-regulations and we get an increasing double-whammy that not only boosts the price of energy for producers and consumers but makes it less reliable!
To get to the demented targets of some e.g. 80% via renewables (wind, solar but very little else) does not require a doubling from the current 5-6% or so but a redouble to 10-12%, followed by a further redouble to 20-25% and then with reckless abandon to an ‘all-in’, shirt-betting scenario.
Madness. Total madness. Verily, the lunatics are now clad in white coats!!!!

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