Thursday, 23 August 2012

Julia Gillard: They Attack because I am a Woman, Whaaaa!!

Gillard's corruption and dishonesty has to be exposed.
One does have to wonder whether we have an adult in the office of prime minister in Australia or just some silly little girl who makes the claims that it's all because she a women that she is being asked questions about her nefarious dealings in a developing a "slush fund" for a con artist who was her boyfriend at the time. Gillard throws up her hands and states that she knew nothing about this originally because she was "Young and Naive", at the time she was a lawyer and a thirty year old.

Originally ofcourse, she just pooh-poohed everything aside just like every dishonest left winger does as they "feel" that anything they do for the "cause" is excusable, justifiable and correct. She now claims that it was Larry Pickering who started this whole saga when in actual fact it was labour's former Attorney General  Robert McLelland, who first raised it in parliament a few months back. The same AG she sacked from that position to install the child like, pathetic incompetent Roxon, a brazen male hating feminist who has been associated with Sheilla Jeffreys, a radical feminist who attended the SCUM manifesto in Perth Western Australia in 2011 to work out a way of destroying men as lesbians do.

The entire saga has turned into a complete circus as the English media spinner, imported to deal with the vagaries that Gillard has generated herself by lying and cheating her way into office. The entire fraudulent episode in which over $ 400,000 worth of members money was stolen from the AWU (Australian Workers Union), has never been resolved, or recovered and no one has bothered to chase any of this up and no one has been made to answer the appropriate questions and no one has gone to jail over this, NO ONE.

The entire episode demonstrates the dishonesty and conniving actions of unions who have been supporting the Labour party for decades with millions of dollars of membership money and they are not answerable to anyone except themselves. The unions in Australia raise over ONE BILLION DOLLARS every year and no one knows where that money goes or where it is used.

The Labour Party has also demonstrated that they have hidden this, stalled and ignored any effort to find out where that money has gone or made any effort to have it returned. Nothing has been done to find out the real culprits because GILLARD'S name is associated with it and they have covered this up and buried it for the fear of exposing the criminal activities of the Union movement in AUSTRALIA.

GILLARD NEEDS TO RESIGN as she is tainted by this circus of thievery and dishonesty. Someone has to pay and the people who covered it up exposed. It is the way the law is supposed to work but in this case, it's the Labour Party covering themselves as way too many of those dishonest, corrupt individuals have been busy doing this for decades and no one wants to know why or how they go about it. Corruption is and has always been rife in unions worldwide because they are answerable to no one. They are above the law. Those criminals have to bought to justice.

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