Monday, 20 August 2012

Julia Gillard Once Again Demonstrates her Arrogance.

Sold her soul to the Greens and lied to the Australian electorate. She has to go.
Again, the endless denials by Gillard is becoming an embarrassment to all in the government, not only because she appears incapable of being honest about anything, but her claim that she has already justified or explained her questionable, if not illegal behaviour, is far from being explained. Nothing has been forthcoming, no statement made stating precisely how involved she was or how she has benefited from associating while being in a relationship with the crook who lifted over $ 400,000 from the AWU Union members and other businesses. Gillard set up the slush fund account, now she claim she was only a naive girl at 30 years of age even though she is a lawyer. A claim which is ofcourse very heard to believe as it is so obviously ridiculous. One can claim to be naive at 16 years of age but not at 30. I ain't falling for that one.
Julia Gillard’s refusal to give answers is not likely to give a single person confidence - and certainly not her colleagues:
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard is facing new leadership concerns among key cabinet and caucus supporters over the revival of an alleged 17-year-old union slush fund scandal involving her former boyfriend…
Those fears were compounded yesterday during a fiery interview on Sky’s Australian Agenda, when Ms Gillard refused to address allegations raised against her…

This is a good example on how left wing socialists and especially feminists have a total disregard for honesty, dignity or honour. They only recognise their own self generated blame-free system, one that consists of destroying everything besides what they believe to be of importance. Lying, cheating and stealing, exaggeration and bare faced dishonest conduct, is their forte. They view as a credit or a positive trait that everyone should also have. Their arrogance and dishonesty is blatantly obvious and promoted as an alternative reality. They live a life where any end or outcome justifies the means. If lying, cheating and stealing is part of it, than it's just fine as long as they achieve that they are happy and if anyone dares to question that they are faced with claims of bias, racism or anything else they can find.

In reality, the Gillard Government did not get anywhere near the majority vote, the opposition party actually won with more votes but not enough seats to win government. Gillard sold her soul to the Greens and lied to the Australia people and hence has now the lowest rating any prime minister has had in Australia. So the lies continue as well as the misconduct.
Allegations were raised at the weekend by a former partner at the firm, Nick Styant-Browne, suggesting Ms Gillard may have acted improperly in helping set up a slush fund for Mr Wilson…
 Mr Styant-Browne said yesterday that he stood by the article and the claims made....
“I am not aware of any denial by the PM or her spokesperson of any specific allegation about what she said in the Slater & Gordon internal interview,” he told The Daily Telegraph.
 Even one of the partners at the Lawyer firm where she worked at the time has stated that she has a case to answer but obviously she doesn't think so as she has not bothered explaining any part of the shenanigans that went on years ago. No one was arrested or charged. Gillard is right in the middle of it.
 EACH time Julia Gillard is asked about a union corruption scandal involving her then-boyfriend and client, she gives the same non-answer.
 The Australian got it last week: the Prime Minister “was not involved in any wrongdoing and has dealt with these allegations previously”.
 Same from her yesterday on Sky: “I am not dignifying all of this scurrilous campaigning by going through these things point by point ... We are talking about matters 17 years ago, which have been dealt with on the public record for most of that time.”
Actually, they haven’t been dealt with - and Gillard’s evasions are no longer good enough.

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