Monday, 20 August 2012

How To Cook the Books on Global Warming by Dr Phil Jones, Prof James Hansen and Tom Rigley.

The temperature record is an honest and real representation of the climate, no really. They stake their reputation on it.

 Global Warming Dishonesty and Caprice

Whenever you catch anyone in an act of dishonesty, be it a child with it's hand in the cookie jar or the smell of weed in someone's bedroom. You automatically know it has to be dealt with, swift, clean and honestly. That is the way it is.
When people notice that some scientists have deliberately and dishonestly exaggerated  temperature results and skewed the outcome to suit their own purposes, they should face some level of accountability and be held accountable for those lies and distortions. The predominately left wing thinking process does not work in that way ofcourse.
They will turn a blind eye to dishonesty, lies, cheating and law breaking (think Occupy Everything, with rape, assaults, carnage, thievery etc) while still demanding that those action are legitimate and their "intentions" were honourable. The rabble prefer ignorance and lies to facts and honesty. It is the way they think. Stupid is as stupid does, should in reality be their calling card and their main slogan.

Never before published paper on UHI and siting – Goodridge 1987

Mind you, this is data that Jim used prior to the big range of adjustments that have been applied by NCDC. Jim provides all that data in the paper. It might be interesting to compare the data then and now to see what has been done to it. Another important distinction of note is that this paper was presented over a year before NASA’s Dr. James Hansen went before the Senate in June 1988, and touted his science and model predictions, deeming it so solid that they had to turn off the air conditioning in the hearing room for “theatrical effect”.
Figure 6 and 7 on page 10 are also instructive:

When comparing the temp. results with other factors like population, as compared to open areas where these stations should be, we have an entirely different picture. We can see clearly how the population effects the temperature in a big way. It can be easily shown when comparing population growth with temperature increase. That would ofcourse be a given, as more tarmac, concrete and buildings will store more heat than an open paddock.

Plus answers to yesterday’s Fun puzzle: Name these official stations.
Given that California Governor Jerry Brown has recently setup a website at the governor’s office basically telling skeptics to “shut up” I thought this would be a good time to publish this.
This is a paper that was presented at a climate conference by Jim Goodridge, former State Climatologist of California, titled Population and Temperature Trends in California at the Pacific Climate Workshop, in Pacific Grove, CA March 22-26, 1987.

 Bingo, below, the liars and exaggerators are being continually exposed and nothing and no one in position of power is even bothering to bring them to account. What the hell is going on here. Is everyone complicit in this hoax ?

More information on this link.

Memorandum submitted by Richard S Courtney (CRU 01)
In a press release at
your Select Committee "announces an inquiry into the unauthorised publication of data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA)."
Here are the graphs to demonstrate the effect of population growth and temperature.

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