Wednesday, 8 August 2012

UOOO -- the Union of Overpromoted Ovary Owners.

One does have to wonder how this all came about, but it survives to this day and even exists to such a degree that it is now taken for granted by the new generation of female "I am soooo sensitive" journalists.

Whhaaaaaaaa!!!!! No one is as good as ME..

Notes From A Tabloid Newsroom

Like many journalism students at Melbourne universities, I participated in an internship as a part of my degree. Like a few journalism students at Melbourne universities, I had a pretty horrific time. The corporation I visited for two weeks was a widely read newspaper that shall be henceforth referred to as The Hun. The internship was supposed to reveal the inner workings of my chosen profession and to inspire me in my future career path. If this is the case, I may as well kiss my journalism career goodbye.

Not only have females been given a free ride via education, health care and unlimited government funding and additional privileges, they now demand it to be automatically enhanced whenever they are in the presence of lesser beings. So far up has that pedestal risen, they even have a problems recognising it. But never mind, they can still moan, bitch and whine whenever everything is not according to their own delusional interpretation or even what they learnt in those PC university halls that now guarantee to corrupt your thinking, totally indoctrinate all into believing that they are really special.

Anyway, there she was having to deal with those bloody human beings, the bastards. They behaved differently to what she was told on the inside, they were supposed as delusional PC, as she is.

A Melbourne University journalism student spends a few days in an actual newspaper office:
Throughout the week, I was consistently subjected to patronising attitudes, being referred to as ‘Little Bud’, ‘Champ’ and ‘Kidlet.’ Men were also continuously and unnecessarily sexist, waiting for me to walk through doors and leave the elevator before them.
It gets better. Read on to learn of the student’s horror at being asked to write a piece about pigs being used to test breast augmentation.

And there is ofcourse ever more -

 Babbling Betty Holds Her Nose

WHEN Silly editrix Amanda Wilson was shown the door some weeks ago, hope soared that the newspaper’s in-house chapter of UOOO -- the Union of Overpromoted Ovary Owners -- would shed a memberette or two. Surely, it could only be the bonds of sisterhood that had sustained the thick ranks of giddy gals at Fairfax World HQ, for how else to explain the likes of blonde economics writer Jessica Irvine, cut-and-paster A Dill Horin and the mystery of pretentious incoherence that is Betty Farrelly? Alas, several weeks have passed and each member of the trio continues to give womankind’s intelligence a bad name, Farrelly yesterday breaking fresh ground in the quest to write the most obnoxious and patronising drivel about those not blessed to reside, as does she, in the inner city. Her opportunity to do so arises from the NSW government’s decision to make some changes to the way it operates its archives.

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