Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hansen: Scaremongering Again as Usual.

This should in actual fact be the standard response to warmist scaremongering as it sums up precisely what it is they are permanently promoting -

"In a move of ruthlessly aggressive desperation, resort to data vandalism of an unconscionable nature."

So it continues as we witness more false and hysterical claims made by Mann about doom and gloom. Will we fry in our beds tomorrow, the next day, the next decade or next century ?
They claim we will but the general consensus is that we do not know enough about the climate or the weather to even come anywhere near having a guess let alone predicting it as a certainty. Those so called self proclaimed "experts" like Mann, Gore, Jones and McKibben made fallacious claims to further their own pockets rather than state anything that can be witnessed or proven. All we have seen so far in regards to the weather report of the future is questionable, erroneous "models" and they do not even release the maths behind it, just in case. It is a farce, in order to test the farce, go outside and hear the birds, watch the grass grow and the trees wave in the wind (depending where you are ofcourse). Have you noticed anything that will endanger your life ?

Whaaaaaaaa!!! We are all going to fry...
Hansen is back at it!–and-worse-than-we-thought/2012/08/03/6ae604c2-dd90-11e1-8e43-4a3c4375504a_story.html?wpisrc=emailtoafriend
All the ‘extreme weather’ is caused by ‘climate change’.
He really said, “It’s worse than we thought.”

This is the level of intellect and intelligence of those warmist sheeple. Here is the explanation on how and why there are droughts. It is all about daylight savings, ya know. That extra hour of sunlight is a killer and an unmeaseruble disaster waiting to happen, ya know.

Somebody protect me from these lunatics please.

Next we have the warmist's study and release methodology. It is how they operate in order to keep the fear in place and keep the funding coming.

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