Thursday, 9 August 2012

200 asylum seekers heading to Christmas Island.

Smuggle in some more jihad specialists and also other murderers and rapists, why not?

 Boat People, Asylum Seekers or Illegal Immigrants ?

This has now become the biggest joke ever, 200 boat people, illegal immigrants are currently heading towards Australia at the moment. One wonders what excuse the Gillard Government has got for their pathetic dropping of the Howard Government's Law that stopped this illegal immigration to almost zero. The Labour Government under Gillard has scrapped those laws and now we have over 10,000 illegal immigrants in Australia who are given priority over the Australian population with housing and outlandish benefits like cash to purchase white goods.

Meanwhile we have homeless and starving people in the population who are just being ignored. Where is the justice in that Gillard ?

More than 200 asylum seekers heading to Christmas Island

Updated August 10, 2012 06:42:35
More than 200 asylum seekers are on their way to Christmas Island after being picked up by two navy boats yesterday.
The asylum seekers called the Australian Maritime Safety Authority late on Wednesday night saying they were experiencing "intermittent engine problems".
They were picked up HMAS Larrakia and HMAS Ararat yesterday.
The 211 asylum seekers will undergo health and security checks once they arrive at the island.
The Opposition says the large number of asylum seekers on the boat proves that Prime Minister Julia Gillard needs to "swallow her pride" on asylum-seeker policy.
"This latest arrival is the largest illegal boat to have arrived on Labor's watch since they abolished the Howard government's proven border protection measures," Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said in a statement.
"It is only Julia Gillard who stands in the way of the Coalition's proven measures being restored. She doesn't need a committee, she does need to swallow her pride and make a decision."

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