Friday, 10 August 2012

Stressed men like larger women: study.

Sexy, curvy women.

The headline is ofcourse just a furphy (misleading,a joke) as it indicates that men would normally, under normal conditions, prefer women that have a bigger BMI. Which is ofcourse not the case at all.
The study concentrates on men being stressed under real life conditions, like where the next meal is coming from and where they will sleep that night. It does not show how under normal conditions that actually works. So....

These kinds of studies have been made before, in those studies it indicated that men prefer women to be healthy enough (clear blue eyes) and shapely enough (child bearing hips) to produce off-spring. That is basically what it's all about. Back a few decades when things were real, women would put up the goods (overdone these days) in order to attract a partner, it is the way it's done. The partner would in turn provide a place to raise kids and protect his partner. That is how it has been since time immemorial and that is not going to change just because left wing lunatics don't agree and would like to change everything about society, even those traits that are instilled in the DNA.

They have tried that already and failed. The main example is ofcourse the fact that feminists, for example, wanted women in the slave force, earning dollars and paying taxes. Whenever any executive female tossed in a high powered job to spend time with her family, they were besides themselves, apoplexy set in, as that is not the way they wanted it to go.
They wanted women away from the home and to be as miserable as they already are. They tried to change female behaviour that has been instilled and honed in the DNA for way too long, millennium(s). Those women who prefer not to, would have always taken that course of action anyway, not every female is a pre-programmed "mother".

Stressed men like larger women: study

Friday, August 10, 2012


British researchers have found that men who are in stressful situations rate larger sized women as more attractive.
The researchers from Newcastle University put 41 men in high-stress situations then measured how they judge potential partners.
When compared with a control group of 40 men who were not stressed, the researchers concluded that stressed men were more likely to go for women with a higher BMI.
"There's a lot of literature suggesting that our BMI [body mass index] preferences are hard-wired, but that's probably not true," co-author Dr Martin Tovee told BBC News.

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