Monday, 6 August 2012

Prof.Hansen Fiddling the Temperature Again.

The master snake oil salesman still hard at it as the New IPCC report approaches,get lies in early.
There is apparently no difference between cherry picking results or downright lying. These UHI results are all indeed now questionable. But Hansen (Snake oil for all) does selectively cherry pick anyway, just to make his Hysterical Global Warming (we're all gonna die) claims surface at an convenient moment. Again and again this main driver of the AGW scare and hoax, keeps on keeping on, with a range of manufactured graphs than any reasonable scientist would be too embarrassed to show, let alone lay a name on it.
Hansen has no such hesitation as he is an embarrassment to the science he claims to represent. He has to go. One should only be allowed to lie and embarrass the good name on NASA for so long.

U.S. Surface Temperature Update for July, 2012: +1.11 deg. C

A question asked on Dr Roy Spencer's Site regarding Hansen's questionable cherry picking.
Peter Hartley says:
August 6, 2012 at 10:38 AM
It is interesting that the trend is quite close to the Watts et al (2012) trend of +0.155 deg C/decade for the Class 1/2 stations using their new classification system. While you do not have to worry about TOBS bias by definition, they were criticized for ignoring TOBS bias when using max and min observations only. Perhaps the similarity of their results with yours suggests that the TOBS bias adjustment (the largest adjustment made to the official temperatures) is unjustified.
Another thought — I wonder how many of your specific synoptic reporting time observations pertain to stations they have classified according to siting criteria? It might be interesting to look at the fixed time of day observations for stations in different Classes. Perhaps your co-author Christy, who also co-authored the Watts et al paper might be interested in following up that issue.

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