Thursday, 28 June 2012

WUWT: Has Been Dr.Mann-Handled.

One of the most viewed AGW sceptic sites on the web is ofcourse WUWT (Watts up with that), which has a view rate of about 100 million hits per year.
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Those hits on this one single site would outstrip every AGW hysterics site by about a thousand to one and it's growing daily.
Enter Dr Mann (the hockey shtick exaggerator), one ignorant and delusional academic who is apparently a bit dim about the hit rate of this site and makes some delusional remarks, just as a child would...

It is the usual case that whenever one is confronted about their lies and exaggerations, Mann also resorts to childish retorts and ridiculous starwman arguments. A practice that only those with no other arguments can come up with. Pathetic response for a supposed academic.

Roger Sowell questioned this self elevated, mighty in his own mind, academic about his delusional hockey stick study. Leaving the sad impression, as other studies have demonstrated it, to being a complete and total farce. It just does not stand up to scrutiny or questions either..
Roger Sowell says:
Dr. Mann enjoyed worldwide fame prominence when his Hockey Stick graph was given such a prominent place in the IPCC report.
As everyone now knows, thanks to Steve McIntire, the peer-review on the hockey stick paper failed to uncover the fatal flaws.
The Little Ice Age did exist. So did the Medieval Warm Period even though the hockey stick graph essentially eliminated both.
Mann’s debunked work no longer has a prominent place, and that most likely rankles.
It is quite interesting that Mann chose to evade the actual question and instead discussed the unintentional switch of the name Briffa for Bradley.
A gentleman would have gently corrected that minor error then answered the question.
But, as I stated during the TV interview with David Nazar at PBS KOCE, it may be that Mann has been advised by his attorneys not to speak about such things until the litigation is resolved.
The entire article gets better as it goes along. Check that out for yourself.

Ever more evidence about Michael Mann and his conniving and scheming as shown in the Climategate email release..

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