Friday, 22 June 2012

Gillard, the Greens and Independents -Blood on their Hands.

Illegal immigrants fighting for their lives in stormy seas after boat capsized.

Well it had to repeat itself and now it has. The Australian Labour Government, the Greens and the Independents, now have blood on their hands. They have pursued this policy without changes even after hundreds of other people died already trying to reach Australia illegally. The incompetence of those in power is once again demonstrated and the leader of the country is the most incompetent as we have already witnessed and continue to see to this day.

There is no difference to lining to them up against the wall and shooting them. This way they would not have faced that terror on the high seas and fought for their lives.

Creating "feel good" policies is one thing but when it starts killing people as the home insulation pink batt saga did and also this open border policy which draws thousands of people here illegally has to eventuall be put to an end before more people die.

The Australian Government, the Green and Independents, have blood on their hands.No denying that anymore. The damage has been done.So when will they change this policy, now, or when more die.

100 believed dead

Andrew Bolt June 23 2012 (7:24am)

Boat people policy
More saved than many would have believed, thanks to swift work by Australian officials and sailors - but the toll is dreadful:
Three asylum-seekers have been confirmed to have drowned and more than 100 are thought to have died in the latest tragedy to befall those attempting the perilous journey across the sea.
Most of the 109 survivors, including a 13-year-old boy, were last night recovering on Christmas Island after being plucked from the sea by two navy vessels and two commercial ships, including the JPO Vulpecula.
Once again, Mal Washer proves himself an able member of the Opposition to the Opposition. Last known for defending Craig Thomson from attack, he now urges the Liberals to back Labor’s non-solution, rather than insist the Government adopt the Coalition’s much more promising own:
Liberal MP Mal Washer called on Tony Abbott to consider supporting Labor’s Malaysia Solution.

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