Friday, 22 June 2012

Gillard's Government: Boat People, Illegal Immigrants or Asylum Seekers.

Let's kill the economy for no benefit at all. Typical left loonie thinking. Well Done..

One assumes that whenever anyone aligns themselves with the socialist cum-marxist lunacy, they are more concerned with people than anything else. Their well generated hypocisy makes that claim constantly, we have the "I am more concerned than you" comment via snide and accusational remarks, whenever they feel that is necessary.
Take for example, the "Illegal immigrants/boat people/asylum seekers" saga currently allowed to fester by the left wing "feel good about ourselves is important" cadre, the Gillard dysfunctional government. They are incapable of fixing this minor problem which they have tried every which way to fix. Their version of fix is ofcourse opposite to sane diagnoses or coherent outcomes. Nope, not Gillard's Labour Government, every issue must first be totally screwed around, shaken and see what falls out and find something, anything they can find that would indicate some well deserved narcissistic points, they can sleep with.

Sadly, anything they come up with has always screwed a lot of people around. Take the ABN (Australian Broadcast Network) a feel good effort that will be made redundant in about two years as satellite technology increases and costs drop, but they will waste 50+ billion in the process because they assume it was a "good" thing to do. They did not bother with the homework, the housekeeping that any and every competent manager would undertake, first find if the project will (a). Will it Work, (b).How much will it Cost and (c).Who will use it. Those questions have yet to be asked of the general population, but that did not stop this inane government from starting to handout out billions of tax payers dollars for something they do not even know what they will end up with. To be a socialist/lefty/marxist obviously requires various levels of stupid, being ignorant is a major advantage and also narcissism is the measure required as well.

One has to feel good while driving the country into the ground. It is that simple. Easy, no intelligence required.

The Gillard Government preaches confidence, prepares for despair:
SENIOR bureaucrats were warned that 2012 would be a dark year for Australia, as cost-of-living pressures and tensions over housing affordability and indigenous disadvantage increased the risk of social unrest.
The overwhelming confidence Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have in the nation’s future is barely evident in the “protected” briefing note prepared by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for a secretaries retreat over summer…
Cost-of-living pressures combined with tensions over housing affordability and indigenous disadvantage, even the level of support given to asylum-seekers, could potentially spark rioting—particularly if Australia were to experience climbing unemployment. “The 2004 Redfern riots and 2005 Cronulla riots show the potential for real or perceived inequality to give rise to important events of protest and violence,” the document states.
The danger of riots isn’t just or even mainly a sign of economic stress. It is also a sign of increased tribalism - ”the centre cannot hold”.

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